Friday, August 31, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 1: Disc Golf Wasn't Love At First Sight For Missy Gannon

Welcome back to the Dynamic Discs Women’s Series, where we get to learn more about one of our female team players through a four-part blog series. So far we have gotten to know many of the women who have been touring the nation, but today we’re going to check in with an incredible player whose name you’re going to start seeing a lot more of!

Originally from Cold Spring, New York, the desire to move to Colorado with her fiancé would change Missy Gannon’s life forever, but not in the ways that she thought. In Part 1 of this series, we’re going to learn how Missy got involved in disc golf and how she ended up loving the sport.

Longing For A Change

Although her hometown is quite beautiful, Missy wanted to spread her wings and venture across the nation to make a new home for herself. Growing up as an athlete, she had never heard of disc golf, and it wasn’t until she was almost finished with her two-month road trip to Colorado that she was handed a stack of discs.

“I figured it was going to be easy and fun. I’d thrown frisbees before and thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal. I probably threw 40 or 50 feet before it hyzered out. I was pretty unimpressed with the sport right off the bat! I’m such a competitive person that when I wasn’t excelling it was hard,” Gannon shared.

Unlike so many others who instantly fall in love with disc golf the first time they play, Missy’s friends didn’t get the reaction they were hoping for. Nevertheless, she pushed through to finish the 9-hole course they were on, and she even purchased a disc starter pack just in case she wanted to try again later.

Something Clicked

Missy and her fiancé traveled to Oregon before finally settling in Loveland, CO, and they decided once more to give disc golf a try. Even after this second go of it, she still felt like it wasn’t her thing, but with her competitive nature tugging at her, she couldn’t just give up without giving disc golf the attention that it deserved.

“It ended up becoming something I was doing every weekend. Once we settled in Colorado we went from being avid hikers to playing disc golf more often, and we got involved with local clubs,” she said. It was this community support that really helped Missy to excel both in her skills and her attitude toward the game.

Her first sanctioned event was in the spring of 2016, and she signed up for the Recreational division, not really knowing how her skills would compare against others. To her surprise, not only did she win her very first tournament, but she also would have won by a landslide if she played in the Advanced division! She began to play in tournaments every weekend and from then on was completely hooked.

So how did she go from someone who didn’t really care for disc golf to a member of the DD team now touring the country? You’ll have to wait for the rest of our series to find out! Stay tuned for Part 2 where we learn more about the Colorado disc golf scene and how Missy went from a casual player to a well-known competitor.
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What Do You Do With Downtime?

Recently we talked about how to plan for the upcoming tour season, and while 2019 sounds incredibly far away, the reality is that we only have a few short months to go before January is upon us. Whether you’re going to hit the road for your first tour or you’re a seasoned veteran who’s out to do it yet again, the reality is that you can’t be playing disc golf 24/7.

What exactly should you be doing with your downtime? And if you’re a local player who loves to compete but isn’t traveling far, how can you maximize those periods in the season when there’s not a lot going on?

Sharpen Your Skills

The answer sounds obvious, but practice isn’t always the first thing that people jump for joy about. Those of us who are naturally competitive typically gravitate toward the chance to win, so playing in tournaments comes in as a priority. Even casual rounds between friends can bring that sense of adrenaline that many love, but if no one is around to play, it doesn’t mean your season has to be put on pause.

Whether you’re staying locally or you’re on tour and there’s a big break between events, head out to do some field work or smash out some putting practice at a local course. While it’s not as fun as playing a round, this effort toward bettering your game will certainly pay off during 2019.

Lend A Hand

Touring pros surely don’t have as much time on their hands as local players, so if you’re planning on a full-fledged excursion during 2019, this may not be as applicable. Yet for players who stay close to home and need something to fill their weekends with when there aren’t any local events, volunteering at your local course is a great way to go.

We all know this, but it’s easier said than done - disc golf is about so much more than just playing, and giving back to your community goes a long way. You don’t have to suddenly become the person who is planning every work party or fundraising like there’s no tomorrow, but instead of sitting on the couch during a lull in the season, get out there and lend a hand!

Plan A Mini-Vacation

Players at home and on the road can both benefit from a little spontaneous travel every now and again. If you’re on tour and have a week-long break and are too far from home to make it worthwhile, who can you visit that’s close by? What courses can you explore for the very first time?

Likewise, local players can plan a small road trip to get out of their usual routine and play at courses that they’ve only dreamed about. You don’t have to go far, but a little imagination helps. When you think about the 2019 season, how do you see yourself utilizing your downtime? Share with us the tips and tricks you’ve used in the past and what you see yourself accomplishing in 2019.
Sunday, August 26, 2018

Have You Seen DGWeekly Live?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already almost to double-digit episodes when it comes to our newest video series DGWeekly Live! Both Danny and Anthony spend some time with us reviewing a selected disc and they aren’t afraid to get into the details. You’ll see different plastics, a variety of stamps, and real talk about how each specific disc will fly based upon varying skill levels.

Here are some of the more recent episodes that you just can’t miss:

  • One of the more popular fairway drivers, the Felon is featured in Episode 9
  • This video features the Westside Giant, an overstable distance driver
  • Another Westside Discs staple, the World, is discussed in detail here

Stay tuned for more episodes of DGWeekly Live and get your questions ready! Danny and Anthony give you the answers you’re looking for during the broadcast, and you just might win a disc for becoming involved!

Do you have a request for a specific disc for us to feature? Let us know in the comments below!
Friday, August 24, 2018

Looking Ahead To 2019

Wait, we’re only just in the midst of summertime and tour season hasn’t even finished - why are we talking about 2019 already? For some, the thought of planning for next year is so far from their minds, it almost gives them anxiety the moment you mention it. However, going on tour is an involved task, and you almost can’t plan too early.

Whether you’re out on the road right now or not, it might benefit you to think about your tour plans for the next year. The earlier you can plan where you’ll stay and which events you’ll participate in, the less stress you’ll feel as the months go by.

Accurate Evaluations

Those who are currently on tour during 2018 have a huge advantage when thinking about the 2019 season, as you not only have the experience on the road but you can look to past experiences to inform your future choices.

Was there a particular event you played this year that was an absolute must visit from here on out? What about cities that left something to be desired and events you’d rather not have to endure again? No matter what the specifics are, take a peek at how things have gone this year and allow yourself to travel to events that feel right for you instead of simply following where the other players go.

Get Out Your Calendar

While some TDs are still trying to get through this year, others are already roughly mapping out when and where their 2019 event will take place. The PDGA website is always a great resource to look ahead to future events, and simply just getting these on your calendar is a good starting point.

As the end of the year nears, these events will be solidified and you can make a more detailed plan and start to map out your stops. Once you have a good idea about where you’ll be and when, you’ll be ready to start talking accommodations.

Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking to book a hotel or AirBnB six months in advance, but as long as you carefully review their cancellation policy, you should be in the clear if things change. Securing your lodging well in advance can help you to get lower prices and won’t leave you in a panic if it’s the week before a tournament and no rooms are available.

Utilizing The Off Season

Could you wait to do all of this planning until the winter months? Sure, but if you plan on training during the offseason or simply want to take a break from even thinking about disc golf for a while, it will pay off to get your plans secured way ahead of time.

We want to hear from you! How far in advance do you schedule your season tour? Is it crazy to begin talking about 2019 when we still have so much disc golf left, or is it the smart thing to do and most people are missing the boat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Summer Rounds Around Water - Tips For Managing The Course

Let’s face it - right now it’s hot all across the US. No matter where you live you are often faced with the decision between playing a round of disc golf and staying cool in your air conditioning. If you do decide to brave the heat, courses near you that feature major bodies of water are often the prime choice.

It’s naturally cooler by the water, so whether your course plays around a lake or alongside of a river, you can beat the heat simply by choosing that location over another. While that’s great, it calls into question a challenge - how do you avoid losing your discs to the drink?

Playing Golf

Those of us who have big arms often like to air them out as much as possible, yet when you’re playing a course that requires a little more calculation, you may want to restrain yourself. Instead of playing the power shot and going for the green when you’re right next to the water, it might be smarter to play calculated golf shots.

Try clubbing down and relying on your disc to do the work for you. Midranges and putters are often your best bets when playing somewhere that has a narrow fairway. When there’s a good chance that you’ll lose your disc to the water unless you throw your line perfectly, caution should be the name of the game.

Dig Out Your Backups

Some bodies of water are more forgiving, or at the very least more clean, allowing you to retrieve any errant shots before they are gone forever. Yet if you’re in a rush or are playing with a group who isn’t as patient, you don’t want to think about the fact that you could’ve gotten your favorite disc but didn’t.

Instead of laying in bed awake at night mourning the loss of your plastic, go through your long lost stash of plastic before heading to the course. Now there’s no reason for you to throw discs that you absolutely hate, but if you have backups of your favorite molds that you don’t really throw, you might think about taking them out in case you end up with a few in the water. After all, you’d hate for your most recent ace disc to be the victim of grip lock.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Rounds of golf close to the water can be deceiving, as it can be super hot during the day yet things can cool off dramatically once you’re at the course. If you’re dressed for 100-degree weather yet are shocked to find that a lake breeze brings down the temperature substantially, you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt just in case things cool down, preferably something that’s easy to take on and off if the wind is sporadic. Even if the latter part of the day is forecasted to be on the cooler side, make sure to bring plenty of water and of course a few snacks. How do you manage your play on a course that’s filled with treacherous water? Share your tips with us below!
Monday, August 20, 2018

Has ESPN Become The Holy Grail Of Disc Golf?

ESPN Logo is a registered trademark of ESPN

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the last several weeks, you have probably heard about the incredible round put together by Paul McBeth during the Discraft Great Lakes Open. During round two of the event, it seems as if Beast Mode had been activated after a rather long hiatus, and McBeth managed to shoot an 18 down for the day.

While that was impressive enough on its own, it also earned him a spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter, but instead of a quick clip featuring one shot, a nearly two-minute segment highlighted the bulk of his round. The Internet practically broke, as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram was full of chatter about this incredible accomplishment. The icing on the cake? It was also Paul’s birthday.

Defining “Success”

If you take a snapshot of what the disc golf world has said about this round and its subsequent TV spot, you’d think that “making it” in the sport was heavily tied to being featured on ESPN. While Paul’s round was truly nothing short of miraculous, one has to wonder, is this the highest level of success in the sport?

The obvious answer is no, but time and time again, you can find shares and reshares of shaky home videos of people’s televisions as an ace lands on the Top 10 list for a handful of seconds. Less fanfare is given to those who shoot 1100-rated rounds, or for the players who far surpassed their own previous best rounds at a given course.

When it comes down to it, success in disc golf isn’t about making the big bucks or even about being featured on television, although both of those things are pretty nice. Success comes from your own internal barometer of what feels right and what personal milestones make you feel like you have accomplished something huge.

The Future Of The Sport

With that being said, the more we can spread disc golf to the masses, the better! Paul’s segment on ESPN was certainly a milestone in our sport, as one can only guess how many millions of viewers got to see a new side of disc golf. Perhaps that one TV spot was enough to convince someone to buy some discs or was the final push to get them to register for their first tournament.

Thankfully, one of the producers of SportsCenter is a disc golf enthusiast, or else the round may never have been featured at all. In many cases, it’s a grassroots effort to bring awareness to incredible performances, as we’ve all no doubt seen #sctop10 grace our social media feeds from time to time when someone hits an ace.

Since it’s up to us, how can you specifically help to draw more attention to the sport? Is ESPN really the Holy Grail, indicating when we’ve “made it” as an athletic event that’s worthy of their airtime? Instead, what if we all put in the extra effort to recognize our local players who do an outstanding job and alert the media to their performances, even if it’s on a smaller level? We’d love to know your thoughts on the subject in the comments below!
Friday, August 17, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 4: The Future Is Bright For Cynthia Ricciotti

When you’re only a teen and yet you’re already sponsored by a major disc golf company and you have more wins under your belt than most adults, the sky’s the limit. At least that’s the case for Cynthia Ricciotti - we’ve focused this Women’s Series on the Missouri native who is so passionate about disc golf that it nearly puts the rest of us to shame.

Cynthia is about to enter her sophomore year of high school, and we’ve learned about her practice routines, how she balances school and disc golf, and what got her into the sport to begin with. Now it’s time for the all-important question - what’s next?

Moving On Up

Before Cynthia can even think about college (after all she does have three more years in high school), the next logical step for her in her disc golf career is when to move up and compete in the women’s open division. While she’s had a huge amount of success so far, the leap to pro is a big one.

“I think I’ll know when to move up to pro. As my ratings improve and when I start winning more I’ll move up to pro to see what it’s like. I’m close to being able to play in [the pro division]. Since I’m so young I want to keep grinding on the game and making sure I have all the bases covered before I make such a big leap.”

That calculated level of thinking is exactly how she’s attained so much success already, as she takes the time to make sure her priorities are straight and she’s making good decisions along the way.

College Or Tour?

Young disc golfers always have a crossroads in front of them once they are finished with high school. Do you start college and continue to play local events, traveling only when you can? Or do you forgo the traditional route and embark on tour like we’ve seen several other young players do?

Cynthia has always excelled in school, and explains her viewpoint: “I was a good student and had all the honors before I even knew about disc golf. I had dreams of going to college and doing well, but I want to go to college somewhere warm all year long so I can continue to play. As of right now, I plan to do college and hopefully tour when the time comes.”

Ricciotti is incredibly talented, and she plans on honing in her skills while furthering her education, giving her the best chances to do whatever she pleases as an adult. Thankfully, disc golf has already taught her some important skills: “The sport has really taught me time management - getting my homework done at school or in downtime during the day so I can go play disc golf at night. It’s taught me responsibility about my time and school.”

We are so pleased to have Cynthia as a part of the Dynamic Discs team. She is a true inspiration for younger players who aspire to grow their skills and her drive to accomplish everything she sets her mind to is something that even adults can look up to. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your story with us!
Thursday, August 16, 2018

A True Ambassador Of The Sport - Chatting With DD Team Member A Ray

“[It’s] one of the greatest unexpected blessings in my life,” says A Ray of his sponsorship by Dynamic Discs. One of the original team members back from 2013, this Texas native is always seen with a big smile on his face and a feeling of gratitude in his heart. Active in his local disc golf scene as well as making appearances as larger scale events, A Ray is a true ambassador not only for DD but for the sport as a whole.

Disc Golf And Family

With 22 career wins under his belt, you would think this 940-rated player is constantly on the course working on his game. While A Ray does certainly get his disc time, he’s also a devoted man in other areas of his life. When not on the course, he spends time with his wife, grandkids, and loves to play board games.

After retiring from a career in public education that spanned 30 years, he recently took a position as a traveling HR professional, giving him the flexibility he needs to keep his disc golf skills sharp.

A Ray’s Go-Tos

We always love to know which molds our team players gravitate toward, as everyone has their own unique skill set that lends itself to various discs. For A Ray, he was able to narrow his favorites down to three:

“Anyone who knows me knows I am gonna say the Warden! Best putter ever made, bar none - great for putting and great for throwing. Then I’d probably go with my old standbys, the EMAC Truth, a very versatile midrange, and the Escape, a very versatile fairway driver.”

Not only does A Ray have specific discs he favors, but there are events each year that really catch his eye. He was very excited about this year’s Am Worlds and had the goal of placing within the top 10 in his division. The Amateur Masters 50+ competitors put up a good fight, and while he didn’t reach his ultimate goal, A Ray still had a great performance, tying for 22nd out of 108 in his field.

He also raves about the Piney Woods Open in Tyler, Texas, saying that event boasts the three best courses in the entire state! This A-tier set in October features tons of local talent spread across more than a dozen divisions.

For The Love Of The Game

“My biggest accomplishment this year is increasing the reach of the people who are taking disc golf lessons locally,” says A Ray when asked about his 2018 season thus far. Not only does he focus on the sport at a grassroots level, but as a DD team member, he understands the value he brings to disc golf on a larger scale.

Learning a lot from World Champions and top professionals, he knows that he’s with good company: “The DD team is a true family looking out for one another.” We love having A Ray as a part of the Dynamic Discs team and wish him luck during the rest of the season!
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jonathan Ray wins Long Drive Competition at 2018 Masters Worlds

Jonathan Ray gets to live the life most disc golfers only dream of doing, traveling and working for disc golf. Jonathan has been traveling the country in his Dynamic Discs RV setting up his moving disc golf pro shop at big events. Although he does not get to play as often as he'd like, from time to time he makes sure to fit in some tournament play. This year the PDGA Masters Worlds was in Kansas City which gave Jonathan the opportunity to compete.

At the time of this article, the competition had just started, but he had already garnered a world title, Long Drive Champion at 2018 Masters Worlds. We asked Jonathan a few questions about his winning throw at this year's field events.

Dynamic Discs: How long have you been playing disc golf?

Jonathan: I started playing disc golf in 2010 recreationally and my competitive nature quickly pushed me into tournament play. I’ve been traveling the country in one of the DD RV’s competing and bringing the DD love to the lower 48 states for the last 4 years.

Dynamic Discs: What disc did you throw and did you only throw one mold?

Jonathan: I threw 2 Enforcers and 3 Ballista Pros in the competition.

Dynamic Discs: Why did you pick that disc(s)?

Jonathan: This competition requires not only distance but accuracy as well. I chose my enforcers for their stability at high speeds to make sure I got some qualifying throws in bounds before I went for the big shots. The Ballista Pro is what I typically use for raw distance but they can be a little more touchy when thrown hard but have unparalleled glide for a high-speed driver.

Dynamic Discs: What were the wind conditions and did that cause you to make any adjustments to your normal throwing?

Jonathan: I got to warm up a little to test the wind and it was an odd right to left crosswind. I wasn’t able to throw hyzer flips because the crosswind would push them down too quickly so I went with my more overstable discs and threw more straight line flex shots.

Dynamic Discs: You get 5 tries right, which one got the most distance?&nbsp

Jonathan: My 3rd throw was the one that won it for me with my Ballista Pro at 501 feet. I had two safe throws in bounds at about 475 feet and then started pressing with the last three. I was trying to hit the 600 mark with my last two but the crosswind wasn’t letting them come out of the turn with that much spin on them.

Dynamic Discs: Did you throw at the beginning of the day or toward the end, after throwing your furthest throw, how confident were you that it had a chance to win?

Jonathan: I threw as soon as we were able at 11 am. I wanted to get out and get a practice round in at Waterworks that afternoon so it made sense to go early.
I honestly didn’t think that distance would win. I had thrown much further warming up with a slight tailwind. The crosswind forced me to adjust and lower my expectations.  I anticipated needing 550 feet to win and left feeling like that wouldn’t hold up.

Dynamic Discs: What advice do you have for players that are running to achieve maximum distance?

Jonathan: The best advice I can give players trying to gain distance is to focus on your core strength and legs. That’s where your power is coming from. Create torque from your lower body.  Don’t try and throw harder, try and throw efficiently using your bigger muscle groups. Smooth is fast and fast is far!

Congrats to Jonathan Ray on his world title!
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Paige Beat Ricky In Finland - Find Out How Here!

Ok, we should clarify and set the stage a little bit to more fully explain the situation. During the last day of competition at the Tyyni, we headed to a school in Finland to do a disc golf clinic. It’s an incredible opportunity to not only get the chance to play in other countries but being able to have our pro players share their knowledge with kids is a true gift.
The Prime Burst Gavel was the star of the show for a bit as we threw some lighter weight discs to see who could come closest to our “pin” - it was clear from the start who was actually out on the road playing for a living and who doesn’t spend enough time on the disc golf course.
We tried throwing five putters into a basket at once to see how many we could land, and once again the pros got more love than some of the team members who gave it their best shot. Oh, and we can’t forget about the fact that Paige did, in fact, beat Ricky - at a CTP throw.
More than anything else, this video will give you a good laugh and let you see some of the beautiful scenery that Finland has to offer. Take a work break and go watch it now!
Monday, August 13, 2018

Your First Golf Disc

The team at Dynamic Discs is committed to growing the sport of disc golf in every way we can, and as the host of this year’s Junior World Championships, we took our mission of growing the sport even further. All competitors in the event received a free disc with the stamp “My First Golf Disc” on it.

The challenge was simple: find a friend back home who has never played before and hand them this disc before taking them out to play. Even better, we encouraged kids to take a photo of this special moment and submit it to us at

Not only are we super excited that kids across the nation will be receiving their very first discs, but we’ve decided to take it one step further and offer store credit for online purchases over the next 10 weeks. Bobby explains all of the details in this quick video.

Do you remember your first disc? What was it and who gave it to you? Share your stories with us about how disc golf was introduced to you and how you’ve shared the sport with others.
Friday, August 10, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 3: Cynthia Gets A Sponsorship!

Getting sponsored to play disc golf is perhaps one of the top priorities of many players out there, and even if you aren’t actively searching for this type of support, at the very least you could say it would be a dream come true!

Now imagine getting sponsored before you even got your driver’s license - for Cynthia Ricciotti, that’s exactly what happened. We’ve learned about her passion for the game and how she stays sharp on the course and excels in school during our first two parts of this DD Women’s Series, and now it’s time to learn how she became aligned with the DD Team.

Putting In The Work

Cynthia played a lot of disc golf before even thinking about becoming a sponsored player, as the bug bit her and she fell for the sport hard and fast. As a lifelong athlete, she finally felt as if she had found the sport that she could grasp onto and actually have a shot at, unlike her previous love of gymnastics.

“Middle school is when you start school sports and having disc golf in my life I knew that I probably couldn’t play school sports because that took a lot of time. At the time I was a gymnast - I was full on into it. I did about two to three years of gymnastics while being a disc golfer, but the turning point for me was a really bad strain in the tendons in my elbow. I basically had to pick one sport or the other. I gave up gymnastics for disc golf, knowing there would be a better future and better chances for success.”

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

With this renewed focus on disc golf, Ricciotti wanted to put it all on the line to become the best player she could be. She shared with us that she had actually been looking for a sponsorship for years prior to joining the DD family and that it was a long road to get where she is now. After the 2017 GBO, she was fortunate enough to play in the Champs Vs. Chumps and gained a lot of attention because of how far she could throw.

Realizing that Dynamic Discs would be a great fit for her, she decided to go for it. “I sent in an application and actually got rejected. I wasn’t expecting much to come from it but I sent one anyway,” she said. However, with patience on her side, Cynthia once again got her chance.

After attending a Luck of the Draw Doubles event and once again showing the DD team her incredible skills, she was approached by Robert McCall to talk about her future. 2018 marks Cynthia’s first year on the team, and she’s already seeing a major difference: “Knowing that I have that kind of support going into a tournament helps with my mental game.”

So what’s in store for Cynthia? She does have three years left in high school, but beyond that, the sky's the limit. Make sure to join us for Part 4 to learn more about her plans for the future.
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Check Out The Finals At The United States Amateur Matchplay Championships!

We’ve had such a great time hosting the US Amateur Matchplay Championships this year, as it’s an exciting way for players across the nation to compete for a pretty sweet prize and, of course, huge bragging rights.

Our highlight video shows Matt Whitlock from South Carolina and Jacob Dills from Oregon battle it out for this year’s win. Here are some highlights if you can’t watch the whole video right now:

  • Both players had to contend with OB at Peter Pan Park and the stress of shot for shot play, and while some shots may not have ended up exactly like they wanted, both played incredibly well
  • The mental aspect of the game really came into focus as the players could control the pressure they put on the other with each shot and putt
  • After 10 holes, Whitlock was at +3 for the round with Dills shooting an even par

Did the tides turn on the back nine for Matt or did Jacob continue his lead? You’ll have to watch the video to find out who took home 18 Veteran baskets and discs for life!

If you’re interested in getting in on the action, we still have our doubles brackets happening. Visit to sign up today!
Monday, August 6, 2018

Our Great Team Ace Stories Continue

Some might call it perfection while others just think it’s really cool, but no matter how you define a disc golf ace, there’s always something special in the air when it happens. For some, our aces happen at almost inopportune times, while others find that even if nothing incredibly crazy or amazing occurs, simply that feeling of your disc hitting chains is enough to make your day.

Players in the DD family have shared so many great ace stories with us that we just had to write another blog post about it, so let’s check out a few anecdotes that highlight all the ways that making a hole in one matter:

Peter McBride:

“I was at Whistler’s Bend near Roseburg, OR for a doubles event last week. Before our morning round on Saturday, I warmed up slowly. I like to loosen up before I throw any shots. I step up to hole one, a 250 foot fairly wide open shot and throw my Retro Anchor. It tracks to the basket and hits the pole low. Next, I step up with my sparkle glow EMac Truth and hit dead center. It smashes the chains and the pole ejects it onto the ground.

At this point, Nate Sexton, who was putting on hole one, tells me to stop throwing. He yells, ‘Hey Pete! Stop throwing. Save it for the tournament.’ I laugh and turn around to grab my other Anchor. I wanted to keep warming up since those were the only two shots I've thrown. I throw my Anchor a little wider since it's more overstable and it hits left side chains and falls out. Nate and a few onlookers give a disappointed yell. I continue to warm up, buzzing off of those three shots I just threw. Once our tee time rolls around I give hole one a good run but just miss drawing metal.”

Eric McCabe:

“I have had plenty of memorable aces, but one, in particular, seems to stand out above the rest.
In the summer of 2014, Bobby Brown and I traveled to Skellefteå, Sweden for some promotional videos. While there we participated in a tournament called The 81 Hole Challenge. That’s right - 81 holes in one day! This seems impossible to accomplish, but with 20 hours a day of sunlight, anything’s possible!

I mentioned to Bobby how cool it would be to have a Swedish ace on our visit, so this was my opportunity! I played pretty well throughout the event maintaining a decent sized lead the majority of the tournament. However, on my 81st hole, I turned to my group and said, ‘Well, this is my last shot at a Swedish ace!’ I was mostly joking but low and behold my Truth found the chains and came to rest in the bottom of the bucket! While there was no ace pot, it was still to this day my most memorable shot, which honestly says a lot, because I’ve been fortunate enough to hit a couple $1000+ aces in my career.”

Tina Stanaitis:

“I don't have a crazy good story but I did make 1 ace in all of my 8-9 years! It was about 200 feet and I had a supergroup of about 8 people with me who all signed my disc and I made like $40 bucks from them!”

Do you have a crazy ace story? Share it with us in the comments below!
Friday, August 3, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 2: How Cynthia Balances School And Disc Golf

Think back to your high school days - for some, it may not have been that long ago, but for others, it probably feels like an eternity. One thing is consistent for most people, however, and it’s the feeling that being a high school student is a full-time job.

Now imagine that you want to play disc golf 24/7 and hone in your skills with the goal of being one of the top players in your area and perhaps even in the nation. Does that feel like a full-time job? We’d guess it does.

For Cynthia Ricciotti, you could say that she’s balancing two full-time jobs and doing exceptionally well at both of them. In this second part of our DD Women’s Series, we’ll learn a little more about how Cynthia masters everything she puts her mind to.

Keeping A Schedule

If you want to do well at something you can’t just sporadically spend time on it. When it comes to bettering her skills, Cynthia spends a set time each week practicing while also making sure her schoolwork is up to date. “I try to practice as much as I can, at least 4 or 5 times a week if it’s not super hot or super cold. I get in a good balance of playing courses, doing field work, and putting practice - I try to get all the stuff into the week. I’m a really good student so school always mainly comes first, and if I have a ton of homework I’ll skip practice,” she shared.

With her dad as her coach, Ricciotti knows that the time she puts into practice directly translates into her success on the course. Yet there’s another element to her life that blends school and disc golf in a pretty unique way.

Bringing Disc Golf To The Town

“At my high school, I’m part of an advanced education program. I take advanced seminars and it’s all centered around project-based learning. You pick something that you’re passionate about, and my thing was disc golf,” Cynthia explained. This program required her to develop a community project, and her idea was to install a disc golf course at her school:

“My freshman year project was working with the principal and the school to get a 9-hole beginner course on the school property. Unfortunately, the city owns the land and they are planning to put a park there. I’ll need to wait for them to develop the park before they start talking about logistics. I have 3 more years to get that done. That’s my biggest way of trying to give back.”

It’s this attitude of community and giving back that has made Cynthia such an incredible role model not only for the juniors in her area but for all players across the nation. Her determination and commitment to getting good grades while also shredding the disc golf course is something to really admire. It just might even inspire some of us adults to get a little more involved!

Make sure to check back in with us and read the upcoming Part 3 in Cynthia’s blog series, where she’ll explain how she got a sponsorship as a junior player.
Thursday, August 2, 2018

Focusing On The Family - We Get To Know DD Team Member Brandon Ray Watson

At the young age of 22, Brandon Ray Watson first found out about disc golf from his longtime best friend. After playing a few rounds and instantly becoming hooked as so many of us do, he wanted to make up for lost time. “I was disappointed that it took me 22 years before I threw my first disc and I wanted to find a way to increase exposure for the sport so others didn’t miss the early start in the sport that I did,” said Watson, and that started him on the path to where he is today.

Every member of the Dynamic Discs team is like family to us, and we wanted to learn a little more about Brandon and see how his love of disc golf has influenced his family.

Excitement In 2018

Brandon has had an impressive year so far, starting off the season with a doubles win at the 31st Annual Big Freeze in Milwaukee, WI. He and partner Andrew Schultz took down some of the best players in the area to bring home their first title in the open division at this event. “In June I was able to TD the 2018 Pickle Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs as my 4th year as tournament director of the event. I had a ton of support from our Sheboygan Eagles DGC members and we hosted 163 competitors,” Watson said.

His son Aviar
The fun continues as Brandon and his seven-year-old son Aviar traveled to Emporia for their first Junior Worlds event. Disc golf is an activity that they enjoy as a way to further their strong father-son bond.

His Go-To Discs

We posed to Brandon the all-important question - if you could only choose three discs to play with ever again, which ones would they be and why? Here’s what he had to say:

“The DD Blend Judge offers the versatility of a great disc for putts/approaches but is also a very true flying and comfortable disc for me off the tee. The DD Lucid Felon would be another disc I can’t imagine ever not having in my bag. Its stability and consistency make it great for backhand or forehand and in moderate to heavy winds. The Felon is easily a favorite and most used mold in my bag. Lastly, I would say the Latitude 64 Ballista Pro is hands down the furthest flying driver I’ve thrown and is stable enough to power up, but not too overstable that you can easily control your drive. The speed and amount of fade fit my game very well and allows for very predictable shots.”

An Incredible Mindset

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Watson is his humble attitude and commitment to his responsibilities. “I consider being part of the Dynamic Discs family as my biggest accomplishment in my disc golf career,” he says wholeheartedly. “I learned early as a father with a career that becoming a touring pro was not an option. I have to miss events I’d like to play or leagues I’d like to be a part of for both my son’s activities as well as for business travel, but disc golf will always be there.”

Brandon is an incredible ambassador, not only for DD but for the sport of disc golf as a whole. Thank you for bringing a focus on the family and showing the world how amazing our sport is!
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Disc Golf And Travel - Tips For Summer Success

With a handful of the sport’s top players headed to Europe for a stint of tournaments and promotional events, it got us thinking about the idea of taking advantage of summer weather and using it to get a little disc golf travel under our belts.

If you have the vacation time from work and the go-ahead from your significant other, which is often the hardest piece of the puzzle, where would you visit to play some of the best disc golf of your life? While the destinations might change, there are a few things you have to consider when it comes to summertime travel.

Jet Lag And Time Zones

We don’t all have the time or money to fly to Europe for the summer, but who says you can’t hop on a plane and end up hours away in a place that’s filled with courses? If you have a hard time sleeping on a plane or can’t seem to get used to time zone changes, make sure to allow time in your schedule to adjust.

Shorter trips might make you want to jam each and every day full of disc golf fun, but give yourself a bit of a buffer on either end to give your body time to catch up. Spend your first day resting and maybe exploring a bit instead of fitting in 3 rounds before the sun goes down. On the same note, don’t land back home late Sunday night and expect to be ready for work the next day.

To Carry On Or To Check?

Even if you aren’t going anywhere that requires competitive play, the whole point of your journey is to play some disc golf, so you’d be in big trouble if the airlines lost your bag. Most touring players that we talk to prefer to carry on their disc golf bag as it contains some of their most prized possessions in the world.

Think about it - can you replace those jeans you bought recently or buy a new toothbrush once you’ve landed at your destination? For sure. Are you able to easily replace your beat in first run fairway driver that Eric McCabe signed six years ago? Not so much.

Make The Most Of It

Let’s be honest - most of us don’t draw the appeal that Paige Pierce or Ricky Wysocki do when traveling to other parts of the world to play disc golf. We’re lucky if someone even recognizes us outside of our own state most of the time. Although you’re not looking for fame or fortune on this trip, it doesn’t hurt to network a bit.

Before you leave, reach out to the disc golf clubs in the area you’re visiting and find out when their weekly events are. See if you can volunteer to be someone’s caddy at a tournament, or try setting up a group of locals to play with you and show you the ropes. As we all know, the disc golf community is large and strong, so reaching out to others will probably result in some unexpectedly great opportunities.

Are you headed anywhere fun for a disc golf trip this summer? Share with us your plans or fill us in on your dream trip in the comments below.