Friday, December 29, 2017

Breaking Down An Unorthodox Shot - The How And Why

We’ve all been there - you throw what looks like an amazing shot off the tee box only to find that your trusted driver has landed squarely behind a massive tree. Whether you’re playing a casual round or you’re on track to set a new course record at a local tournament, you want to have every shot in your bag to avoid extra strokes when situations like this arise.

There are a ton of shots out there, some that don’t even have names (think “Patent Pending”), but today we want to review just a few of them in the hopes that they’ll help you out in a sticky situation one day.

The Grenade

Although some might argue that it’s not an incredibly popular shot, throwing a Grenade could pay off every now and again. The basics of the shot are simple enough: essentially, you’re throwing a spike hyzer with the disc upside down. It sounds ridiculous, but there’s a reason for it.

A Grenade shot generates a lot of backspin and forces your disc to spike straight into the ground without getting much forward progress down the fairway. When might this come in handy? Let’s say you’re on a downhill hole, and if you throw a regular backhand shot you’re going to blow past the basket. With a Grenade shot, you’ll advance about 100 feet or so and then dive straight down, putting you in perfect position.

The Thumber

Seen often amongst the amateur circuit and by the pros here and there, a Thumber is a great shot to have in your bag. With this approach, you’re going to hook your thumb around the edge of the disc and have your four fingers rest on the flight plate. Now, throw the disc like you would a baseball pitch.

Thumbers get their fair share of grief as it’s typically the way many new players learn how to throw, but the corkscrew action you get in the air can be really handy if you need to get up and over a bush or around a tree that’s directly in your flight path.

The Horseshoe Putt

We’re all impressed when we watch someone pull off this type of unorthodox shot, as a Horseshoe Putt can be super tricky. Instead of using your usual putting stance, imagine you’re throwing a horseshoe toward the basket. Bring your arm to the side of your body and use this motion to connect with the chains. Simple, right?

Like the other unorthodox shots we’ve mentioned, this type of putt works best when you have something directly in your way and you’re blocked from using your typical putting routine. There’s certainly a time or two in recent history that we’ve seen a Horseshoe Putt on post-produced coverage and were completely in awe of this unique type of shot.

A Bag Full Of Tricks

There are so many random ways to throw a disc that we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Have another suggestion for getting around obstacles on the course? Let us know what your favorite kind of unorthodox shot is in the comments below!
Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Double Disc Spotlight - The Convict and The Marshal

Sometimes it can be tough deciding which discs to buy for yourself, especially if you've never thrown that particular type of mold or plastic before. Instead of worrying if you'll like the Convict or the Marshal, we wanted to give you some insight into these beauties so that you'll be confident in your purchase. Let's take a look at what each one has to offer!

The Convict

A disc that's great for players of all skill levels, the Convict holds up quite well in the wind. Ladies
might benefit from choosing this disc in a weight that's a little heavier than they'd normally choose, that way it can act as their overstable fairway driver.

If you need a disc that will hold your shot through a tunnel or need some distance with a bit of hyzer on the end, it's the way to go. A ton of players love to use it as a great sidearm choice as well. It's trusty and predictable.

Watch a compilation of some of the DD team members talking about how they use the Convict here.

The Marshal

A trusted putter that will hold nearly whatever line you put it on, the Marshal is a disc that many players have come to know and love. Eric McCabe specifically uses this disc as a throwing putter when he needs to dial in a shot with extreme precision, although you can really count on the Marshal to do many things.

Throw it straight, add some hyzer, or put a lot of power behind it - as you get comfortable with this disc and see how it flies, you'll find that it's super reliable and you can really get a good amount of distance from it for your upshots.

Watch a compilation of some of the DD team members talking about why they love the Marshal here.
Friday, December 22, 2017

The DD Women's Series - Part 1: Everything Entrepreneurial With Tina Stanaitis

Running your own business is hard enough in today’s economy. Extra credit goes toward women who start their own company, and even more points are given to those who try to make a living starting a business in the disc golf industry. Add to that the ability to tour full-time while growing a successful company - you must think we’re talking about Wonder Woman.

Instead, we’re actually referring to Tina Stanaitis, the owner of WhaleSacs, professional disc golfer, and member of the DD team. Tina’s taken a hobby and turned it into a way to fund her passion for playing competitively, and we wanted to glean some insights from her regarding her business, honing her game, and the challenges she’s faced as a female on the road.

In Part 1 of this DD Women’s Series, we’re going to uncover some of the history behind WhaleSacs and how it’s helped to make her dream a reality.

It’s In Her Blood

“Being an entrepreneur comes from my dad. He owns a small business so I kinda got to see a lot of what that looked like at home when I was young. I wasn’t aware that I had this passion inside of me to be a business owner until I started doing it and it was so fulfilling. [I thought] ‘Yep this makes sense, my dad did this and I love it, it makes sense.’” Tina explained.

Starting a company wasn’t always on Tina’s radar when it came to her career goals, yet the growth of WhaleSacs happened pretty naturally. It started as a hobby and a fun way to be crafty, and only really felt like a business once she purchased the domain for her website. Soon after, she started shipping products to states like Michigan and Texas - places Tina herself had never even visited!

“Once I decided that I wanted to be on tour and go play disc golf for a living, that’s when it hit me that I really needed this business. That’s what was going to pave the way,” she said. Getting inspiration from other female entrepreneurs, specifically Jenny San Filippo at Ladies First Disc Golf, Tina ramped up her business efforts and soon found success.

Girl Power On And Off The Course

Owning her own business is what’s helped to get Tina on the road and keep her there. She certainly sees the difference it’s made by having a company as she talked about her trajectory and that of fiance Eric Oakley: “I have WhaleSacs and Eric doesn’t, but he does lessons and he sells discs online every day. Eventually, that’s going to get better and better as we get better and don’t have to make as much outside of winnings. It’s weird and hard work and unconventional.”

As unconventional as it might be, we’d guess that Tina wouldn’t have it any other way. As cheesy as it might sound, girl power is real, and Tina does it right. She’s able to play exceptionally well, grow her game, and travel the country because she took the risk of starting a business. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series when we take a look at some of the challenges she’s faced as a female touring disc golfer.
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Peek Across The Northern Border - Spending Time With DD Team Member Dustin Fournier

If you think disc golf is only popular in the US and Europe, think again, as Canadian residents fall in love hard and fast with our sport just like the rest of us. At the end of 2016, there were close to 800 PDGA members residing in the country, with a strong trajectory toward the sport gaining some major traction.

At Dynamic Discs, we love to support players no matter where they live, and we’re especially grateful to have Ontario resident Dustin Fournier on our team. We checked in with Dustin recently to find out how he handles the Canadian winter and what we can expect to see from him in 2018.

A Long List Of Accolades

Not only has Dustin been a member of the PDGA since 1999, but he holds a number of accomplishments that would be desirable on any disc golfer’s resume. A quick look at Fournier’s PDGA member page shows 13 career wins and has hovered around a 950 player rating while balancing a career as an Industrial Instrumentation Technologist.

The Ontario disc golf community also awarded Dustin with the first ever players choice award in 2014 and now names others with the “Fournier Award” each year. In 2017 he was a first-time staff member for the Glass Blown Open and also directed his first A-tier tournament in early April.

Dustin’s level of activity stems from his love of the sport but also is a testament to how he believes others can get involved. Like the rest of us, disc golf hooked him instantly: “I was walking my dog in a park and saw a basket and wondered what it was. [I] played my first round a couple days later and was hooked immediately. I quickly got involved with the local club, and running tournaments. It’s been my life ever since.”

His advice for others who want to make an impact on the sport? “Participating in local league nights and helping with a local club is always a good start. [It] usually doesn’t take much commitment, and there’s always something to do!” he says.

It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing

Like many things in life, disc golf can have its ups and downs. Fournier had a knee injury in the late fall of 2016 and it prevented him from competing much this season, but he’s been working on rehabbing his knee and getting back into shape to make 2018 a season worth remembering.

Although it’s never a great time for a sports injury, Dustin was able to rest up during the snowy winter season and notes that during the colder months he steps away from disc golf to catch up on home renovation projects and does his fair share of Netflix binging.

However, one thing that he says has always been helpful for him, not only during his recovery process but during his career in general, is the support he’s gotten from being on the DD team. “Being part of the DD family means the world to me. The values and vision of everyone at DD and everyone on the team [are] aligned. We all share the same passion for the sport. It really is a family,” he said.

During the 2018 season, keep your eye out for Dustin as he makes his way back into the competitive realm. We’re proud to have him as part of the DD family and wish him the best while healing his knee!
Monday, December 18, 2017

We Love Our Dynamic Duos - Spending Time With Some Well-Known Pairs

Part of what makes the DD team so wonderful to be a member of is the family culture we have around here. Our players are all friends and have each other's back through thick and thin. Some players even seem to have their dynamic duo attached to their hip, as we've seen in some of our more recent videos.

Today we thought we'd highlight some of the partnerships within the DD team and get a chance to know them a little bit more.

On a light-hearted note, we sat down with Eric Oakley and Tina Stanaitis and played a pretty fun game - how well do you know your teammate? From junk food to superpowers, they tested their skills and had a few good laughs.

Click here to watch their full video and enjoy Tina's awesome laugh!

Then, we had both Zoe Andyke and Dustin Keegan on Disc Golf Answer Man to learn more about their background and get into some of the nuts and bolts of their game. These two are so exceptionally talented at what they do and also work to spread the love of the game with kids in schools across the country.

For a massive dose of disc golf inspiration, click here to watch their full video!

Whether it's a fellow disc golfer, a best friend, or a soon-to-be spouse, who's your dynamic duo and who do you share your love of the game with?
Saturday, December 16, 2017

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Why The Marksman Basket Is Perfect For Any Disc Golfer

If you’re like many of us, you wait until the last possible second to buy your holiday gifts. Instead of relying on the usual gift cards or a new pair of socks, why not think about a special gift for the disc golfer in your life - a gift that’s meaningful, functional, and affordable. It sounds perfect, right?

With the Marksman basket, you literally do have the perfect holiday gift. Let’s find out why:

  1. It's portable: Sure, there are a handful of portable baskets on the market out there, but more often than not they're a pain in the behind to assemble and break down. Not only that, but they can get rather heavy, making it hard to transport between your front yard and the local weekly putting league. With simple set up instructions and a lightweight yet sturdy profile, it's a great basket to take anywhere.
  2. It's affordable: It's not uncommon to spend hundreds of dollars on a practice basket, and if you're buying this kind of gift for someone else, that might be a little bit out of your price range. At $159.99, you get a high-quality practice basket that will stand head to head with the best of the best. It's affordable enough to purchase for a junior champion in your life or even to buy a few for various friends.
  3. It will help improve your putting skills: This one's a no-brainer, as the Marksman basket is designed specifically to help you hone in your putting so that you're hitting in the heart of the basket each and every time. Its profile is rather small overall, requiring you to dial in your accuracy while building confidence in your stroke.
  4. It's built to last: Despite the low price point, this basket is manufactured with the same technology as other full-sized products, meaning it's crafted to stand up to the test of time. The chains are zinc coated and the entire basket is electrophoresed and then powder coated so that it will hold up in any kind of weather.
If you think a disc golf basket is an extravagant gift, think again. Anyone who's obsessed with disc golf will thank you for the rest of their life when they see a Marksman under the tree, as it's a gift that will pay off in so many ways.

From increasing putting confidence to showing your support for Dynamic Discs, the Marksman basket is the perfect holiday gift for any disc golfer.
Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disc Golf Is Life - So Be Safe This Winter!

We often like to integrate disc golf into everyday situations in a humorous way for our Disc Golf Is Life videos, but sometimes they hold a deeper meaning than their silly surface.

Essentially, it shows the whole DD crew stopping all work while Doug Bjerkaas calls for a lightning delay and makes everyone wait 30 minutes. While it's pretty funny, there's something to be said for staying safe in inclement weather.

Although during wintertime most of us deal with rain or snow, the Midwest can often experience lightning and thunder as they accompany severe snowstorms. If you're playing a round of disc golf and you start to notice this type of weather, stay safe and seek shelter right away.

The same goes for absolute downpours of rain, hail, or strong snowstorms. We know, you're addicted to disc golf just like we are, but the round you play today isn't worth sacrificing your health or safety.

Ok, now that we're done acting like your parent, get out there and throw some discs! Be sure to also check out our full playlist of Disc Golf Is Life videos - they're short enough to watch during a break at work or anytime you need a good laugh!

You're Not A Pro Yet - Getting Yourself Out Of Analysis Paralysis

People who fell in love with disc golf twenty plus years ago didn’t have the benefit that many of us do now when it comes to improving upon one’s form and skill set. Back then, visiting a local course and watching how others play was about the extent of their ability to research and notice areas where they can improve.

Today’s disc golfers simply have to type in a few keywords into YouTube and soon they’ll be bombarded with tutorial video after tutorial video, explaining in detail how to throw a great backhand drive or how to perfect their flick.

With disc golf becoming more popular, there are also more clinics and events held across the country, yet again offering players the chance to watch what the pros do and try to emulate them to the best of their ability. But is that creating a problem? Does replicating a pro player’s form, movement by movement, actually put golfers at a disadvantage?

What Is Analysis Paralysis?

A relatively common challenge that new disc golfers run into, analysis paralysis refers to the idea that you are so focused on each individual element of your form that you end up messing up your shot. Some also like to use this phrase to mean that you are so caught up in the details of your game that maybe it overwhelms you and you end up not even going to the course as much as you used to because it’s too frustrating.

However you define it, the idea of being too laser-focused on a shot can really hinder your growth as a player. For example, at a clinic recently, someone in the audience asked Paige Pierce how she was pivoting on her knee during a particular type of throw. Paige said she didn’t know, as it’s something she never actually paid attention to.

Rather than attempting to recreate every single minor body movement with the goal of putting them all together to create the perfect throw is nearly impossible. Instead, break yourself free from analysis paralysis and develop your own game.

Easier Said Than Done

It sounds like a simple task, but for disc golfers who are new to the sport or ones that don’t have a lot of confidence yet in their skills, it can be hard to just “get out there.” Despite the friendly vibes that disc golf communities around the country offer, we don’t want to go out on the course and look like a fool. So what are you supposed to do?

Try taking one or two tips from the pros and work on only those elements of your form. Head out to an empty field and throw your shots over and over again until you’ve really dialed those pieces into place. You might even want to play a handful of rounds with those body movements to make sure you’re comfortable with them before adding more.

Over time, you’ll develop a style that’s just right for you. Some of the best disc golfers in the world do certain things with their putts or their drives that no one else does, and it brings them success because they know they’re comfortable with their own unique form. Don’t try to be just like the pros - be you, play your own game, and perhaps you’ll be teaching one of the pro clinics someday!
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Playing With An Analytical Curiosity - We Get To Know DD Team Member Henrik Johansen

There are a few things that strike you right away when you see Henrik Johansen on the course - first, he’s never far from a smile, as he plays disc golf with a focused yet lighthearted attitude. He’s always reflecting on his performance and makes sure to play shots that are right for his skillset, and you’ll see him in yellow and blue, a lot!

But beyond his sense of style, there’s a depth to Johansen that really demonstrates how passionate he is about disc golf. Despite working a full-time job as a mechanical engineer, Henrik plays as many events as he can and even travels from his hometown in Sweden to the US for a few select tournaments. We chatted with him to find out a little more about his background and how he works to improve his game.

2017 Was A Big Year

Henrik measures the success of his disc golf season not by the money he makes or the wins he takes home, although both are nice to have. What makes the sport memorable for him is the personal side of things and being able to share experiences with his friends and family.

“One highlight was to be able to bring my dad over for GBO. We had a blast and we’re already planning for next year’s GBO, but this time I’ll bring even more family members!” Johansen said when asked about his 2017 highlights. Adding to this opportunity to have familial support in Kansas for the Glass Blown Open, he also had another pretty incredible event take place this year.

Partnering with Latitude 64’s Emil Dahlgren, the two took home the Swedish doubles title, competing on Henrik’s home course with all of his friends and family present. Not only did he bring home the win, but he was also the assistant TD.

Always Look For The Potential

Johansen and DD are a perfect match, as he feels his game really thrives with the support he receives: “It means being a part in a great community of people that see the potential in our great sport; that wants our sport to grow and to have fun doing it! To be able to play with the double D’s is a true honor! Throw in the “Swedish” plastic in the mix and you’re home.”

That level of commitment to growing the sport and having fun while doing it is the attitude that Henrik takes with him to the course, as he’s always looking for ways to improve his own game. He said, “After this season I sat down and went through my notes from each event I played to get a plan on what I need to be focusing on for the next season. I have two areas: putting and sidearm.”

His continued focus on improving and knowing where his strengths lie is also great advice that he gives to anyone who’s looking to start getting involved in their own local disc golf community, suggesting a number of things that individuals can do: “Be curious - ask questions to see what you can do. Everyone has their own area of expertise. It can be anything from helping the local club at league night to pointing a newer player in the right direction where they could find information about a course or equipment and so on.”

Bringing It All Together

The methodical and careful approach that Johansen brings to disc golf is what makes him such a talented player, as he coordinates his off-season activity of hockey with careful consideration of his disc golf training: “I don’t touch a disc [during winter] except for some indoor putting. I like to hit the gym and get my body in shape for the upcoming season. That way I’m as prepared as possible and also motivated to get out and put the hours in needed to compete at the highest level possible.”

Another testament to his planning? He’s had the same playlist on rotation during his tournaments for the last four years. Each round he plays finds him teeing off on hole 1 to the same song every time.

We’re excited to see Henrik’s performance in 2018 and are thrilled to welcome his friends and family from Sweden for the next Glass Blown Open!
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's Almost Christmas - Do You Have Your Stocking Stuffers Yet?

Buying gifts for friends and family can be relatively easy if you know them well. Heading to the store for two or three awesome items doesn’t take much time, but what is often a lot more complicated is finding all sorts of little things to fill everyone’s stocking.

If the die-hard disc golfer in your life has a stocking that looks a little empty, check out some of the Dynamic Discs swag that will brighten up their holiday season!

Discs? Yeah, We Got Those

One of the coolest little gifts you can give this holiday season is a DyeMax disc. Right now we have a ton available, including:

  • The DyeMax Marvel Cracked Series Fuzion Judge Mini. This is a no-brainer for your Marvel fans, as you can easily fit a mini into a decently sized stocking.
  • What about getting your loved ones a disc with the awesome DyeMax 2017 Secret Santa image on it? You can choose from over 20 different molds!

Help Them Stay Warm

If your favorite disc golfer tends to be the kind that will play in any type of weather, encourage them to get out on the course on a cold day with a beanie. There are a few different options to choose from, including a DD Marled Knit style, as well as a Latitude 64 Knit Pom Stocking Cap. If neither of those is their preferred look, hook them up with a Dynamic Discs Gift Card and they can choose whatever winter gear suits them best.

Let's Get Our Drink On!

While we recommend water out on the course, there's no reason why your stocking stuffers can't involve drink paraphernalia that lends itself to any kind of beverage. If your disc golfer has never had a Silipint cup, they're missing out! Stuff their stocking with this 16 oz Dynamic Discs cup, or help keep drinks cold with koozies from both Latitude 64 and Westside.

Gifts Galore

We've only just begun to explore the selection of stocking stuffers available right now at the Dynamic Discs website. Remember, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg getting your disc golfer extra little gifts this holiday season - many of our items are below $25.

Check out the full selection here to put a huge holiday smile on the face of disc golfers in your life!
Monday, December 11, 2017

Sharpen Your Off-Season Skills With The Winter Marksman League

For many disc golfers, the winter off-season means it's a time for rest and relaxation from a grueling touring schedule. However, if you're a casual player or want to keep your skills sharp for next year, participating in an indoor putting league is a great way to go. Don't have one in your area? No problem, as Dynamic Discs offers a cool solution through the Winter Marksman League.

It's really easy for your local club or a group of friends to get involved this winter season with our league. By utilizing a special partnership with the UDisc app, you're able to see how you stack up against others across the world and you can even win a Marksman basket if you end up on top!

While we can't secure a location for your league (that part's up to you), we can help with the rest. For $200, you'll receive a Marksman basket and six Moonshine Deputies with the exclusive Winter Marksman League stamp to give away to the weekly winners. If you have a large group, $300 gets you the six discs and two Marksman baskets. Shipping is on us either way you go.

Check out this quick video where Robert McCall explains more, and visit our website for additional information and to register your league.
Sunday, December 10, 2017

DD Gains Two Valuable Players For 2018

This time of year is usually when we start to hear about players making sponsorship changes, and we’re proud to announce that we’re making a big addition to the Dynamic Discs team for 2018! Zoe Andyke and Dustin Keegan, both representing the beautiful state of Oregon, will be joining us and helping to spread their love of disc golf throughout the entire country.

The two players work together to run Disc Golf Universal Play, a non-profit organization that partners with schools across the nation to teach disc golf to students. DGUPlay reached 6,393 students in 2017 alone and is ready for incredible results this year with the support of DD. Their goal is to more than double the number of students they reach and to bring DGUPlay with them on the National Tour!

With any sponsorship change comes the task of learning a new line-up of discs, but it seems like Zoe and Dustin have that part figured out. Already comfortable with four of the DD molds, Zoe is going to rely on the Defender, the Truth, the Suspect, and the Deputy.

Dustin also has a few discs lined up for his bag, and like Zoe is all about the Defender. The Truth will be one of his go-to discs as well, and he’s really excited about using the Dagger as his putter.

Click here to watch Zoe and Dustin’s full video announcement about making the move to Dynamic Discs. We couldn't be happier to welcome them to the team and are excited to see what 2018 brings!
Saturday, December 9, 2017

Exciting Changes For The 2018 Glass Blown Open

With 2017 just about to end, the staff at Dynamic Discs are already turning our attention to the biggest event on the horizon for next year - the Glass Blown Open. Each year, the GBO brings thousands of people to Emporia for a week filled with events, festivities, and competitive tournament play.

Because it’s so popular, the GBO sells out quickly and ends up with waitlists that are practically a mile long. In an effort to allow as many players as possible to register for the 2018 GBO, we’ve made some changes that you’ll more than likely be pretty happy about.

Why Change A Good Thing?

There’s no doubt that the Glass Blown Open is a good time filled with exceptionally talented players, but as the event has grown it’s become apparent that we need to make more room in various divisions. Back in 2016, we offered 6 pools that were spread across 6 different courses. This allowed for a maximum number of players to be capped at just around 1,100 and yet we still had about 300 individuals on a waitlist who never got the chance to play.

This year we bumped it up to 7 pools, and the waitlist skyrocketed to around 500 people. News of the GBO has spread far and wide, and we’re super thrilled that more and more of you want to play each year. For 2018, we’re making a big change that’s hopefully going to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

New Pools, New Courses

Next year will see the addition of 2 complete pools to the event, for a grand total of 9. How are we going to accommodate so many extra people? You guessed it - we’re adding 2 more courses to the GBO line-up!

One of the new additions will be the gorgeous course at Clover Cliff Ranch, about a 30-minute drive from Emporia. Eric McCabe has worked with the owners to make this course worthy of the competitive play we’re used to seeing at each year’s GBO, and we’re thrilled to be able to introduce this private course to players from across the world.

Another change will be seen at the Emporia Municipal Golf Course, where in past years we’ve set up an 18 hole course on the land’s back 9. For 2018, we’ll be using 125 acres of the front 9 instead and setting up two separate courses that will be dubbed Muni Red and Muni Blue.

When Do I Get Off The Waitlist?

Of course, this is the question everyone has been asking, and it’s a little more complex than many might realize. In order to accommodate the influx of players we’re going to see, Events Coordinator Doug Bjerkaas had to think outside of the box. At this point the pool with the largest waitlist is the intermediate division so these players will see a bit of shuffling this year. Here’s a rundown:

  • 174 players on the waitlist will be promoted, increasing the entire intermediate field to 368 players.
  • This will create both an A pool and B pool in this division.
  • After 2 rounds there will be a cut-off at 184 players. Those who made the cut get to compete for the A-tier win during the last round of the GBO.
  • Anyone who didn’t make the cut will still get to play their third round, but it will instead be as part of a bonus B-tier event. These players will see results from two different GBO tournaments on their PDGA player rating page.
Other divisions with a waitlist will have specific changes applied to them as needed, and things might still fluctuate before the event. For a full explanation of the changes, check out the broadcast by Bobby and Doug here, and make sure to download the 2018 GBO app to stay up to date on all of the latest news!
Friday, December 8, 2017

Preparing For Winter Weather - How To Stay On Top Of Your Game

Some parts of the country have already been met with wintry conditions and tons of snow, while others are still basking in the last few days of warmth that’s left this year. No matter where you live (except maybe in Florida), it’s inevitable that colder temperatures and winter weather will be approaching soon. Die-hard disc golfers aren’t afraid to play in nearly any conditions, yet this seasonal change brings about some elements to consider before heading out the door to play a round.

How can you stay on top of your game when you’re out in the cold or if it’s too dreary to even go outside? We’ve got some tips that will help players of all skill levels make the most out of their off-season.

Changing Up Your Gear

From discs to clothing to your favorite water bottle you always bring, disc golfers have a routine that they stick to when they head out for a casual round or a tournament. In the winter months, it’s essential to adjust accordingly so that you’re prepared for whatever weather comes your way.

Make sure you dress in layers all over your body, with shirts, jackets, pants, and even thermals underneath if it’s warranted. As you begin to move out on the course, you’ll no doubt warm up and will want to strip off some of the clothing you have on. Ensuring you’re properly dressed will go a long way toward a better performance and having more fun.

Despite the fact that it might be frigid with snow on the ground, you’ll still need to bring plenty of water with you to the course. While most people think they only need fluids when it’s hot out, the fact is that you’re still sweating underneath your layers while you play.

One of the most important considerations to make during winter weather is your disc selection. If you have specific plastic that you keep just for colder temperatures, now’s the time to change up your bag and put those discs in. It might also be wise to add some extra backups to your bag as well in case you lose a disc in the snow.

Think About Your Course

We’d bet there’s a good chance that your home course looks a bit different in the winter than it does in spring or summer. Leaves are gone from many of the trees, some branches might even be down from a recent storm, and the ground is definitely harder due to the colder temperatures.

With all of that in mind, how does this affect your game and your ability to enjoy your round? It’s probably more advantageous than you think, as changing course conditions requires you to think on your feet and potentially rely on a variety of shots that you may not be used to taking. Even if you know your home course like the back of your hand, it’s a safe bet that playing it in the winter will provide some additional challenges.

Be mindful of safety considerations while you’re out in the wild as well, as the hunt for a lost disc may not be worth the injury you could sustain. Ice may often seem thicker than it actually is, and holes that are close to rivers and streams will probably pose more of a threat due to increased rainfall and stronger currents.

Keeping Your Game Sharp

Let’s say you live in a part of the country where it’s nearly impossible to get out and play a round of disc golf, let alone practice putt in the front yard. If the conditions are just too extreme, that doesn’t mean your game has to suffer for several months. There are plenty of activities that you can engage in to keep your focus sharp and your skills on point:

  • Buy a practice basket for indoor use so you can keep your putting on point. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on one - both the Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket and the Westside Weekend Basket both come in under $200.
  • Use a baseball net in your garage or basement and launch some drives into it. While you may not be able to go at it with your full power, it’s at least better than having to stand outside in the freezing cold or trying to dodge the keepsakes in your living room.
  • Find an indoor putting league to join, or start one of your own! Many local businesses are open to letting groups use their space, so call around, ask a friend, and see what you can come up with.
Before you know it the sun will be shining again and we’ll be playing in the heat, wishing it was cold once more. Until then, make the most of wintertime disc golf and keep playing as often as you can!