Friday, January 17, 2020

On the Call with Paige Shue

2018 FPO World Champion Paige Shue joins us On the Call this week. Paige claimed an NT title in 2019, but she has much bigger goals for 2020. Join our conversation and find out why second place just isn't good enough for Paige anymore.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Chris Clemons - What are you excited for in 2020?

On the Disc Golf Audio Channel we check in with Chris Clemons to talk about what he is excited for going into the 2020 disc golf season.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

On the Call with Erika Stinchomb

Erika Stinchcomb hops on the call with us for this episode. Erika hails from Montana and has experienced a steady rise in rating and play over the last several years. Join our conversation to learn about her 2020 tour plans and competitive attitude.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Dynamic Discs Month In Review - December 2019

Dynamic Discs employees and fans are often asked, “Which of your discs are the most popular?” We tend to think that we know the answers, but some of our ideas may or may not be biased depending on our personal favorites. It’s time to put all that speculation to rest with some COLD, HARD FACTS. It’s time for the Dynamic Discs Month In Review.

Some discs may appear twice or more because of different plastic types. Here are December's top sellers:

  1. Prime Judge
  2. Opto Diamond 170+g Carat
  3. Lucid EMAC Truth
  4. Lucid Raider
  5. Prime Warden
  6. Classic Blend Judge
  7. Prime Burst Judge
  8. Lucid Vandal
  9. Classic Blend Burst Judge
  10. Opto Ballista Pro
  11. VIP Harp
  12. VIP War Horse
  13. Fluid Enforcer
  14. Lucid Maverick
  15. VIP Gatekeeper
  16. Lucid-X Escape
  17. BioFuzion Raider
  18. Classic Blend Burst Suspect
  19. Retro Keystone
  20. Lucid Trespass

The Judge reigns supreme yet again in four total plastics, and it leads the pack of putters on the list, including the Warden, Harp, and Keystone. The 170+g Carat Opto Diamond proves to be a great driver for the masses, claiming the #2 overall spot. The EMAC Truth also unseats a perennial top finisher in the Raider for December, joined only by the Gatekeeper and Suspect as the only mids to make the list. Drivers made quite the appearance in December - perhaps everyone’s new year’s resolution is to SEND IT more often? The Ballista Pro, War Horse, Enforcer, and Trespass join the Raider as top sellers among the bombers, while the Vandal, Maverick, and Escape hold down the fairway slots.

Thanks for joining us in looking at a snapshot of our best sellers. Which discs are you surprised to see off the list? Leave a comment below, and let us know why your favorite disc should make January’s Month in Review!

Goal Setting for People Who Don't Like Setting Goals - Tero Tommola

"Targeting... stand by."

If you are like me, you don't like to set goals for yourself. You are living "in the moment" and your decision-making is governed by your immediate life situation - the moment you are in. Often this works just fine, you get done what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and it leaves you carefree, floating, and not worried about the past or the future.

But after reading about the subject extensively, I have become convinced that setting goals for yourself and then striving towards them is beneficial in both the short term and long term. You should not overly burden yourself with several goals, but you should have a few short term goals that are easy to achieve and a few long term goals that are harder to achieve, and you should be taking steps towards them each day or week, respectively to the goal and its demands.

Now if the first reaction is that you feel burdened by the idea, then you should think of it like this:

Setting goals does not mean worrying about meeting those goals, or moping after, should you fail to meet them. Setting goals is just a way to identify for yourself what you think is important and what you want to change in yourself. Once a goal is set, of course, you should do your best to work towards it and try to reach it, but even if you don't quite reach it, at least you did something towards it. You made progress. That alone is better than not having any progress.

How does this translate to disc golf? Glad you asked. But before we get into that, think of a few goals you could have for the 2020 season. They can be small ones like "simplify my disc selection" or big ones like "add 60 more feet to driving distance". Once you have a few for yourself, read on.

"Target acquired, calculating firing solutions."

Thought of some possible goals? Good, now it's time for the next step. Now you need to think of that goal and decide on a number of things you can do to achieve that goal. Write your goal down, and list some steps under it that will take you towards your goal.

You want an example? Ok, let me give you an easy one. Let's say I decided I wanted to be a better putter inside the circle. My goal would be "Become a better putter inside the circle".
Off the top of my head, I could have these steps:

1. Practice more, at least two hours per week.
2. Practice indoors, but also find an outdoor practice basket.
3. Practice different stances and different distances within the circle.
4. Decide on a putting routine (something you always repeat before a putt).
I could add steps later, remove some whenever, or rewrite them at my leisure. They are not set in stone, and it is not wrong if you change them. If a step is too harsh, soften it. If it's too easy, make it harder. If it's just right, don't touch it. Simple, right?

Whatever your goal is, write down the steps you think you can take without shaking up your routines too much. If you strive for too much too soon, you will most likely not be able to complete those steps, or doing them will disrupt what you are used to in too big of a way, and you will lose interest. Be realistic, but don't be scared to challenge yourself.

What you write down, you should attempt to do, regularly and honestly. Change does not happen overnight, but also, change does not happen without attempt. No success can come from not trying.

"Firing solutions calculated. Fire when ready."

Once you have your goals and steps written down, it's time to move on to the actualization. Now you need to work towards it.

Do your best, but be realistic. Sometimes plans change, and sometimes you will not be able to meet your steps. If that happens, don't give up. Make up for the lost time, do that step the next day, or double the amount next week. Stay with it.

If that is not possible, then look at your daily schedule and look at the step, and decide if you need to change the step or maybe tone it down. Adversity does not mean giving up. Failure to meet a step does not mean failure to meet the goal. Like Aaliyah said, “Dust yourself off and try again.”
Is that good?

Alright, then you're ready to give it a go.


- - -

Here are some of my goals for 2020:

Become a better putter
- putting training from nonexistent to once a week
- train as long as it feels good, don't force it
- train only outside, even if it rains

(Seem easy? When compared to my putting training in 2018 and 2019, AKA none at all, this is a huge improvement)

Hold a free beginners’ clinic
- Set up the dates and the clinic information before end of February 2020
- Post and choose participants before end of April 2020
- Host first clinic before end of May 2020
- If you can, host a second clinic before end of August 2020

Fix your back
- Do more walking
- Take up stretching and mobility exercises 3 times a week minimum
- Stop sitting at the computer so much

What are some of your goals? Please share in the comments below!
Thursday, January 9, 2020

All OB Lines Should Be Painted

Time and time again you will hear that certain rules or practices should be standardized in disc golf. One of those topics is OB lines. So we decided to take a stance on our podcast and debate.

All OB should be standardized, and it should be painted lines.

Listen to our thoughts and give us yours in the comments.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Erika Stinchcomb on Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 297

Erika Stinchcomb from Team Westside Discs is in Emporia to do some first of the year shopping. We invited her on the show to discuss her 2020 disc golf season and help answer some disc golf questions.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A.J. Risley - What are you excited for in 2020?

We continue with our new series of checking in with touring players. In this series, we interview touring players about their disc golf season, what they are practicing, and much more.

Each month will have one topic. These will be shorter segments so we can focus on one player and one topic.

In this episode we check in with A.J. Risley.

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Growing Disc Golf One Course at a Time

McCabe Minute
by Eric McCabe

The Heritage Park Disc Golf Course located in Flower Mound, TX  is an 18-hole course I designed that is becoming the most popular course in DFW. Nestled within the woodlands of the Cross Timbers eco-region, the course is laid out over 25 acres of some of the most scenic, natural, and undisturbed land Flower Mound has to offer. There is a wide range of tree lined fairways, meandering creek beds, water hazards, rock outcroppings, and terrain that offers dramatic elevation changes. The course is designed for the more experienced players, but can also be enjoyed by beginners.
This Par 58, measures in around 5,500 feet and forces you to throw accurate shots if you wish to shoot anywhere close to Par.

This course has been well over a year in the making. Clint Wofford and Chuck Jennings, Director of Parks and Recreation of the Town of Flower Mound, reached out to me with the dream of having a Disc Golf Course in their town. Of course I was thrilled with idea, seeing how my family is all located in North Texas, matter of fact my brother lives in Flower Mound approximately 4 miles from the course. When I made my initial trip down I didn’t really know what to expect. I met up with Clint and Chuck and we spent hours walking the property, getting to know the lay of the land. First thing I noticed was a sign that said, “Beware of Snakes” uhhh yea, I’m not a fan, and from that moment on I was watching every step very carefully. I’m happy to say after spending many, many days out there, I didn’t see a single slithery serpent. I spent the next week straight walking through the tight, thorny woods getting to know every inch of the property. I had a good idea of the direction I wanted to go, I already knew exactly where I wanted the course to being, and end, now I just needed to find 16 more holes in between. Another week has gone by and I’m finally ready to start marking everything. With my backpack full of ground whiskers, marking paint, and miles of ribbon I hit the course. Depending on how wooded the hole is and how much I need to mark, it can take almost 3 hours to properly mark one hole. That’s how thick these woods were. GPS coordinates documented, tee pads, basket locations and trees are all marked and ready for the final walkthrough. The Town of Flower Mound hired a tree service to remove all the underbrush, thorns and invasive species that I had previously marked. They absolutely killed it! They had everything removed within a week, and were ready for me to come back down and check their work. While walking the course for what felt like the 1000th time, I was as excited as I was the first time! The course was shaping up great and I knew it was going to be a very popular one. There is nothing like it anywhere close to DFW and the Dynamic Discs Carrollton crew will have another great course to put in their rotation of quality events. The weekend of February 23rd and 24th, Flower Mound held a soft opening for the course. You could tell people were extremely excited about it because the course was packed the entire weekend, even if the conditions weren't exactly perfect for Disc Golf.

I’ve been involved in Disc Golf for more than half my life. From a fan, watching the Pro’s  to competing at the highest level and winning majors, to now designing courses across the Country,  Design has become a passion of mine, and I take pride in every one of my courses. I now have over 35 designs in 15 different states, and I’m looking to add a handful more and even an International course to my resume this season. Thanks to everyone for the support throughout the years!

Below are some quotes from players that played the course on opening weekend:

“This course is definitely going to make me a better player!”
Carlton Logic

“Loving this course my new all time favorite”
Andre Gonzalez

“I've played it all three days lol it's fantastic!!!”
Kyle Kettner

“Played it twice already- this is a quality, difficult but fair course. Lots of fun, challenging holes.”
Christopher Casey

“Played there today its an awesome course that will challenge your game”
Steven Snider

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Eric Oakley - What are you excited for in 2020?

This is a new series for our podcast. In this series, we will interview some of our top players about their disc golf season, what they are practicing, and much more.

Each month we will have one topic for our players. These will be short segments so we can focus on one player and one topic.

This month we are checking in with our players to find out about what they are excited for in the 2020 disc golf season.

Our first player is none other than Mr. Whalepants, Eric Oakley.