Friday, November 20, 2020

Glass Blown Open is now the Dynamic Discs Open

Early in November we made the announcement that we were changing the name of one of our biggest events. The Glass Blown Open will now be called the Dynamic Discs Open. The news quickly spread throughout the disc golf community and was met with mixed emotions.

Jeremy Rusco appeared on an episode of the Disc Golf Audio podcast and was interview by Robert McCall. Robert discuss why Jeremy felt the need to change the name of the event.

You can watch the interview here.

Jeremy also appeared on SmashboxxTV to talk with Terry Miller and Jonny V about the name change.
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Story Behind Grandma and our Disc Golf Hand Dirt Bags

If you've ever had grip issues on your discs, you've probably looked into Dynamic Discs’ Dirt Bags. If you've bought one of our dirt bags, we bet you didn't know that it was handmade. We'd like to introduce you to the person who makes those dirt bags and tell her story. It's time for you to meet Grandma.

10 years ago, Jeremy Rusco and Adam Searle went to an event and saw some dirt bags for sale. Because we're always working on something, they started to brainstorm on how Dynamic Discs could have a product like that.

Adam said, "I bet my Grandma could make these for us." Jeremy brought one of the bags back to Grandma, and she took it apart to make sure she understood how it was made. She took to her heavy-duty Singer sewing machine and made 200. She expected to make that initial batch and be done.

However, the bags sold very well, and Dynamic Discs quickly needed more bags, so Grandma made another batch. And another one. And another one. 10 years later, Grandma has 3 other people helping her

make dirt bags, and they make 500 bags every other week. She can't believe that they're selling all over the world, and she puts a lot of love into making them.

We thank Grandma every time we pick up a new batch of dirt bags, and next time you use yours to improve your grip, thank Grandma for us as well!