Thursday, January 9, 2020

All OB Lines Should Be Painted

Time and time again you will hear that certain rules or practices should be standardized in disc golf. One of those topics is OB lines. So we decided to take a stance on our podcast and debate.

All OB should be standardized, and it should be painted lines.

Listen to our thoughts and give us yours in the comments.

  1. Spray paint lines for A tiers? Stakes for B tiers?

  2. In my opinion, if the event is PDGA sanctioned there needs to be lines that are painted or strung out to help with the question of whether or not something is OB. With that being said I do not think paint or string lines should be used for obvious OB, such as bunkers, sidewalks, cart paths, parking lots, and any other blatantly obvious OB. It may be seen as tacky by many, but paint or string lines will eliminate a lot of questions that come up with other options like steaked out OB.

    With all this being said this is coming from a spectator of tournaments. I have painted and strung OB for tournaments and it can be a tedious process, but I think it provides clarity to the participants of the event.

  3. As a TD that runs 10-14 events a year, I prefer stakes as paint gets expensive awfully quick and takes a long long time to spray in the days before every event.

    Once stakes are in, and in place once they are properly installed and need only a quick review before each event for any that were kicked over by deer (or people)... You can come paint my OB fields the days prior to each event if you like, BTW that needs to be one day after my last cut with the mower, and on a non-rainy, non-dew filled day at that... Just bring a string in your bag.

    Add in the paint in the ground of public parks over and over, its just not the right option IMO.

  4. Fully agree with the idea that after 45 seconds or so, there is still a stalemate for the group, you should give the player the benefit of the doubt and move on. If you are spending longer to try to penalize a player, You need to take a long look in the mirror.

  5. White or blue paint/flags for lines!!! Color blind players are always at a disadvantage with orange OB lines and flags!

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