Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Peek Across The Northern Border - Spending Time With DD Team Member Dustin Fournier

If you think disc golf is only popular in the US and Europe, think again, as Canadian residents fall in love hard and fast with our sport just like the rest of us. At the end of 2016, there were close to 800 PDGA members residing in the country, with a strong trajectory toward the sport gaining some major traction.

At Dynamic Discs, we love to support players no matter where they live, and we’re especially grateful to have Ontario resident Dustin Fournier on our team. We checked in with Dustin recently to find out how he handles the Canadian winter and what we can expect to see from him in 2018.

A Long List Of Accolades

Not only has Dustin been a member of the PDGA since 1999, but he holds a number of accomplishments that would be desirable on any disc golfer’s resume. A quick look at Fournier’s PDGA member page shows 13 career wins and has hovered around a 950 player rating while balancing a career as an Industrial Instrumentation Technologist.

The Ontario disc golf community also awarded Dustin with the first ever players choice award in 2014 and now names others with the “Fournier Award” each year. In 2017 he was a first-time staff member for the Glass Blown Open and also directed his first A-tier tournament in early April.

Dustin’s level of activity stems from his love of the sport but also is a testament to how he believes others can get involved. Like the rest of us, disc golf hooked him instantly: “I was walking my dog in a park and saw a basket and wondered what it was. [I] played my first round a couple days later and was hooked immediately. I quickly got involved with the local club, and running tournaments. It’s been my life ever since.”

His advice for others who want to make an impact on the sport? “Participating in local league nights and helping with a local club is always a good start. [It] usually doesn’t take much commitment, and there’s always something to do!” he says.

It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing

Like many things in life, disc golf can have its ups and downs. Fournier had a knee injury in the late fall of 2016 and it prevented him from competing much this season, but he’s been working on rehabbing his knee and getting back into shape to make 2018 a season worth remembering.

Although it’s never a great time for a sports injury, Dustin was able to rest up during the snowy winter season and notes that during the colder months he steps away from disc golf to catch up on home renovation projects and does his fair share of Netflix binging.

However, one thing that he says has always been helpful for him, not only during his recovery process but during his career in general, is the support he’s gotten from being on the DD team. “Being part of the DD family means the world to me. The values and vision of everyone at DD and everyone on the team [are] aligned. We all share the same passion for the sport. It really is a family,” he said.

During the 2018 season, keep your eye out for Dustin as he makes his way back into the competitive realm. We’re proud to have him as part of the DD family and wish him the best while healing his knee!
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