Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disc Golf Is Life - So Be Safe This Winter!

We often like to integrate disc golf into everyday situations in a humorous way for our Disc Golf Is Life videos, but sometimes they hold a deeper meaning than their silly surface.

Essentially, it shows the whole DD crew stopping all work while Doug Bjerkaas calls for a lightning delay and makes everyone wait 30 minutes. While it's pretty funny, there's something to be said for staying safe in inclement weather.

Although during wintertime most of us deal with rain or snow, the Midwest can often experience lightning and thunder as they accompany severe snowstorms. If you're playing a round of disc golf and you start to notice this type of weather, stay safe and seek shelter right away.

The same goes for absolute downpours of rain, hail, or strong snowstorms. We know, you're addicted to disc golf just like we are, but the round you play today isn't worth sacrificing your health or safety.

Ok, now that we're done acting like your parent, get out there and throw some discs! Be sure to also check out our full playlist of Disc Golf Is Life videos - they're short enough to watch during a break at work or anytime you need a good laugh!
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