Saturday, December 9, 2017

Exciting Changes For The 2018 Glass Blown Open

With 2017 just about to end, the staff at Dynamic Discs are already turning our attention to the biggest event on the horizon for next year - the Glass Blown Open. Each year, the GBO brings thousands of people to Emporia for a week filled with events, festivities, and competitive tournament play.

Because it’s so popular, the GBO sells out quickly and ends up with waitlists that are practically a mile long. In an effort to allow as many players as possible to register for the 2018 GBO, we’ve made some changes that you’ll more than likely be pretty happy about.

Why Change A Good Thing?

There’s no doubt that the Glass Blown Open is a good time filled with exceptionally talented players, but as the event has grown it’s become apparent that we need to make more room in various divisions. Back in 2016, we offered 6 pools that were spread across 6 different courses. This allowed for a maximum number of players to be capped at just around 1,100 and yet we still had about 300 individuals on a waitlist who never got the chance to play.

This year we bumped it up to 7 pools, and the waitlist skyrocketed to around 500 people. News of the GBO has spread far and wide, and we’re super thrilled that more and more of you want to play each year. For 2018, we’re making a big change that’s hopefully going to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

New Pools, New Courses

Next year will see the addition of 2 complete pools to the event, for a grand total of 9. How are we going to accommodate so many extra people? You guessed it - we’re adding 2 more courses to the GBO line-up!

One of the new additions will be the gorgeous course at Clover Cliff Ranch, about a 30-minute drive from Emporia. Eric McCabe has worked with the owners to make this course worthy of the competitive play we’re used to seeing at each year’s GBO, and we’re thrilled to be able to introduce this private course to players from across the world.

Another change will be seen at the Emporia Municipal Golf Course, where in past years we’ve set up an 18 hole course on the land’s back 9. For 2018, we’ll be using 125 acres of the front 9 instead and setting up two separate courses that will be dubbed Muni Red and Muni Blue.

When Do I Get Off The Waitlist?

Of course, this is the question everyone has been asking, and it’s a little more complex than many might realize. In order to accommodate the influx of players we’re going to see, Events Coordinator Doug Bjerkaas had to think outside of the box. At this point the pool with the largest waitlist is the intermediate division so these players will see a bit of shuffling this year. Here’s a rundown:

  • 174 players on the waitlist will be promoted, increasing the entire intermediate field to 368 players.
  • This will create both an A pool and B pool in this division.
  • After 2 rounds there will be a cut-off at 184 players. Those who made the cut get to compete for the A-tier win during the last round of the GBO.
  • Anyone who didn’t make the cut will still get to play their third round, but it will instead be as part of a bonus B-tier event. These players will see results from two different GBO tournaments on their PDGA player rating page.
Other divisions with a waitlist will have specific changes applied to them as needed, and things might still fluctuate before the event. For a full explanation of the changes, check out the broadcast by Bobby and Doug here, and make sure to download the 2018 GBO app to stay up to date on all of the latest news!
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