Friday, August 17, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 4: The Future Is Bright For Cynthia Ricciotti

When you’re only a teen and yet you’re already sponsored by a major disc golf company and you have more wins under your belt than most adults, the sky’s the limit. At least that’s the case for Cynthia Ricciotti - we’ve focused this Women’s Series on the Missouri native who is so passionate about disc golf that it nearly puts the rest of us to shame.

Cynthia is about to enter her sophomore year of high school, and we’ve learned about her practice routines, how she balances school and disc golf, and what got her into the sport to begin with. Now it’s time for the all-important question - what’s next?

Moving On Up

Before Cynthia can even think about college (after all she does have three more years in high school), the next logical step for her in her disc golf career is when to move up and compete in the women’s open division. While she’s had a huge amount of success so far, the leap to pro is a big one.

“I think I’ll know when to move up to pro. As my ratings improve and when I start winning more I’ll move up to pro to see what it’s like. I’m close to being able to play in [the pro division]. Since I’m so young I want to keep grinding on the game and making sure I have all the bases covered before I make such a big leap.”

That calculated level of thinking is exactly how she’s attained so much success already, as she takes the time to make sure her priorities are straight and she’s making good decisions along the way.

College Or Tour?

Young disc golfers always have a crossroads in front of them once they are finished with high school. Do you start college and continue to play local events, traveling only when you can? Or do you forgo the traditional route and embark on tour like we’ve seen several other young players do?

Cynthia has always excelled in school, and explains her viewpoint: “I was a good student and had all the honors before I even knew about disc golf. I had dreams of going to college and doing well, but I want to go to college somewhere warm all year long so I can continue to play. As of right now, I plan to do college and hopefully tour when the time comes.”

Ricciotti is incredibly talented, and she plans on honing in her skills while furthering her education, giving her the best chances to do whatever she pleases as an adult. Thankfully, disc golf has already taught her some important skills: “The sport has really taught me time management - getting my homework done at school or in downtime during the day so I can go play disc golf at night. It’s taught me responsibility about my time and school.”

We are so pleased to have Cynthia as a part of the Dynamic Discs team. She is a true inspiration for younger players who aspire to grow their skills and her drive to accomplish everything she sets her mind to is something that even adults can look up to. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your story with us!
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