Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What Do You Do With Downtime?

Recently we talked about how to plan for the upcoming tour season, and while 2019 sounds incredibly far away, the reality is that we only have a few short months to go before January is upon us. Whether you’re going to hit the road for your first tour or you’re a seasoned veteran who’s out to do it yet again, the reality is that you can’t be playing disc golf 24/7.

What exactly should you be doing with your downtime? And if you’re a local player who loves to compete but isn’t traveling far, how can you maximize those periods in the season when there’s not a lot going on?

Sharpen Your Skills

The answer sounds obvious, but practice isn’t always the first thing that people jump for joy about. Those of us who are naturally competitive typically gravitate toward the chance to win, so playing in tournaments comes in as a priority. Even casual rounds between friends can bring that sense of adrenaline that many love, but if no one is around to play, it doesn’t mean your season has to be put on pause.

Whether you’re staying locally or you’re on tour and there’s a big break between events, head out to do some field work or smash out some putting practice at a local course. While it’s not as fun as playing a round, this effort toward bettering your game will certainly pay off during 2019.

Lend A Hand

Touring pros surely don’t have as much time on their hands as local players, so if you’re planning on a full-fledged excursion during 2019, this may not be as applicable. Yet for players who stay close to home and need something to fill their weekends with when there aren’t any local events, volunteering at your local course is a great way to go.

We all know this, but it’s easier said than done - disc golf is about so much more than just playing, and giving back to your community goes a long way. You don’t have to suddenly become the person who is planning every work party or fundraising like there’s no tomorrow, but instead of sitting on the couch during a lull in the season, get out there and lend a hand!

Plan A Mini-Vacation

Players at home and on the road can both benefit from a little spontaneous travel every now and again. If you’re on tour and have a week-long break and are too far from home to make it worthwhile, who can you visit that’s close by? What courses can you explore for the very first time?

Likewise, local players can plan a small road trip to get out of their usual routine and play at courses that they’ve only dreamed about. You don’t have to go far, but a little imagination helps. When you think about the 2019 season, how do you see yourself utilizing your downtime? Share with us the tips and tricks you’ve used in the past and what you see yourself accomplishing in 2019.
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