Thursday, August 2, 2018

Focusing On The Family - We Get To Know DD Team Member Brandon Ray Watson

At the young age of 22, Brandon Ray Watson first found out about disc golf from his longtime best friend. After playing a few rounds and instantly becoming hooked as so many of us do, he wanted to make up for lost time. “I was disappointed that it took me 22 years before I threw my first disc and I wanted to find a way to increase exposure for the sport so others didn’t miss the early start in the sport that I did,” said Watson, and that started him on the path to where he is today.

Every member of the Dynamic Discs team is like family to us, and we wanted to learn a little more about Brandon and see how his love of disc golf has influenced his family.

Excitement In 2018

Brandon has had an impressive year so far, starting off the season with a doubles win at the 31st Annual Big Freeze in Milwaukee, WI. He and partner Andrew Schultz took down some of the best players in the area to bring home their first title in the open division at this event. “In June I was able to TD the 2018 Pickle Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs as my 4th year as tournament director of the event. I had a ton of support from our Sheboygan Eagles DGC members and we hosted 163 competitors,” Watson said.

His son Aviar
The fun continues as Brandon and his seven-year-old son Aviar traveled to Emporia for their first Junior Worlds event. Disc golf is an activity that they enjoy as a way to further their strong father-son bond.

His Go-To Discs

We posed to Brandon the all-important question - if you could only choose three discs to play with ever again, which ones would they be and why? Here’s what he had to say:

“The DD Blend Judge offers the versatility of a great disc for putts/approaches but is also a very true flying and comfortable disc for me off the tee. The DD Lucid Felon would be another disc I can’t imagine ever not having in my bag. Its stability and consistency make it great for backhand or forehand and in moderate to heavy winds. The Felon is easily a favorite and most used mold in my bag. Lastly, I would say the Latitude 64 Ballista Pro is hands down the furthest flying driver I’ve thrown and is stable enough to power up, but not too overstable that you can easily control your drive. The speed and amount of fade fit my game very well and allows for very predictable shots.”

An Incredible Mindset

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Watson is his humble attitude and commitment to his responsibilities. “I consider being part of the Dynamic Discs family as my biggest accomplishment in my disc golf career,” he says wholeheartedly. “I learned early as a father with a career that becoming a touring pro was not an option. I have to miss events I’d like to play or leagues I’d like to be a part of for both my son’s activities as well as for business travel, but disc golf will always be there.”

Brandon is an incredible ambassador, not only for DD but for the sport of disc golf as a whole. Thank you for bringing a focus on the family and showing the world how amazing our sport is!
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