Monday, August 6, 2018

Our Great Team Ace Stories Continue

Some might call it perfection while others just think it’s really cool, but no matter how you define a disc golf ace, there’s always something special in the air when it happens. For some, our aces happen at almost inopportune times, while others find that even if nothing incredibly crazy or amazing occurs, simply that feeling of your disc hitting chains is enough to make your day.

Players in the DD family have shared so many great ace stories with us that we just had to write another blog post about it, so let’s check out a few anecdotes that highlight all the ways that making a hole in one matter:

Peter McBride:

“I was at Whistler’s Bend near Roseburg, OR for a doubles event last week. Before our morning round on Saturday, I warmed up slowly. I like to loosen up before I throw any shots. I step up to hole one, a 250 foot fairly wide open shot and throw my Retro Anchor. It tracks to the basket and hits the pole low. Next, I step up with my sparkle glow EMac Truth and hit dead center. It smashes the chains and the pole ejects it onto the ground.

At this point, Nate Sexton, who was putting on hole one, tells me to stop throwing. He yells, ‘Hey Pete! Stop throwing. Save it for the tournament.’ I laugh and turn around to grab my other Anchor. I wanted to keep warming up since those were the only two shots I've thrown. I throw my Anchor a little wider since it's more overstable and it hits left side chains and falls out. Nate and a few onlookers give a disappointed yell. I continue to warm up, buzzing off of those three shots I just threw. Once our tee time rolls around I give hole one a good run but just miss drawing metal.”

Eric McCabe:

“I have had plenty of memorable aces, but one, in particular, seems to stand out above the rest.
In the summer of 2014, Bobby Brown and I traveled to Skellefteå, Sweden for some promotional videos. While there we participated in a tournament called The 81 Hole Challenge. That’s right - 81 holes in one day! This seems impossible to accomplish, but with 20 hours a day of sunlight, anything’s possible!

I mentioned to Bobby how cool it would be to have a Swedish ace on our visit, so this was my opportunity! I played pretty well throughout the event maintaining a decent sized lead the majority of the tournament. However, on my 81st hole, I turned to my group and said, ‘Well, this is my last shot at a Swedish ace!’ I was mostly joking but low and behold my Truth found the chains and came to rest in the bottom of the bucket! While there was no ace pot, it was still to this day my most memorable shot, which honestly says a lot, because I’ve been fortunate enough to hit a couple $1000+ aces in my career.”

Tina Stanaitis:

“I don't have a crazy good story but I did make 1 ace in all of my 8-9 years! It was about 200 feet and I had a supergroup of about 8 people with me who all signed my disc and I made like $40 bucks from them!”

Do you have a crazy ace story? Share it with us in the comments below!
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  1. First ace happened on a 209ft blind shot, cant forget that day when i stepped up threw a tomahawk over the trees in front of me and then hearing those chains thinking did it go in. ran to the basket only to find my felon in the basket was super siked. 2nd ace this year was 183ft straight forward on a league night, the shot is off a top of a little mound into a valley then u got woods where the basket is. my nerves were on a little edge knowing theres people watching but regardless just me and the basket im gonna hit chains with my harp. Before i knew it I let the disc fly, see it tracking and nail the heart of the basket, I know it wasnt very far but theres nothing like hitting an ace.