Friday, August 10, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 3: Cynthia Gets A Sponsorship!

Getting sponsored to play disc golf is perhaps one of the top priorities of many players out there, and even if you aren’t actively searching for this type of support, at the very least you could say it would be a dream come true!

Now imagine getting sponsored before you even got your driver’s license - for Cynthia Ricciotti, that’s exactly what happened. We’ve learned about her passion for the game and how she stays sharp on the course and excels in school during our first two parts of this DD Women’s Series, and now it’s time to learn how she became aligned with the DD Team.

Putting In The Work

Cynthia played a lot of disc golf before even thinking about becoming a sponsored player, as the bug bit her and she fell for the sport hard and fast. As a lifelong athlete, she finally felt as if she had found the sport that she could grasp onto and actually have a shot at, unlike her previous love of gymnastics.

“Middle school is when you start school sports and having disc golf in my life I knew that I probably couldn’t play school sports because that took a lot of time. At the time I was a gymnast - I was full on into it. I did about two to three years of gymnastics while being a disc golfer, but the turning point for me was a really bad strain in the tendons in my elbow. I basically had to pick one sport or the other. I gave up gymnastics for disc golf, knowing there would be a better future and better chances for success.”

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

With this renewed focus on disc golf, Ricciotti wanted to put it all on the line to become the best player she could be. She shared with us that she had actually been looking for a sponsorship for years prior to joining the DD family and that it was a long road to get where she is now. After the 2017 GBO, she was fortunate enough to play in the Champs Vs. Chumps and gained a lot of attention because of how far she could throw.

Realizing that Dynamic Discs would be a great fit for her, she decided to go for it. “I sent in an application and actually got rejected. I wasn’t expecting much to come from it but I sent one anyway,” she said. However, with patience on her side, Cynthia once again got her chance.

After attending a Luck of the Draw Doubles event and once again showing the DD team her incredible skills, she was approached by Robert McCall to talk about her future. 2018 marks Cynthia’s first year on the team, and she’s already seeing a major difference: “Knowing that I have that kind of support going into a tournament helps with my mental game.”

So what’s in store for Cynthia? She does have three years left in high school, but beyond that, the sky's the limit. Make sure to join us for Part 4 to learn more about her plans for the future.
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