Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Summer Rounds Around Water - Tips For Managing The Course

Let’s face it - right now it’s hot all across the US. No matter where you live you are often faced with the decision between playing a round of disc golf and staying cool in your air conditioning. If you do decide to brave the heat, courses near you that feature major bodies of water are often the prime choice.

It’s naturally cooler by the water, so whether your course plays around a lake or alongside of a river, you can beat the heat simply by choosing that location over another. While that’s great, it calls into question a challenge - how do you avoid losing your discs to the drink?

Playing Golf

Those of us who have big arms often like to air them out as much as possible, yet when you’re playing a course that requires a little more calculation, you may want to restrain yourself. Instead of playing the power shot and going for the green when you’re right next to the water, it might be smarter to play calculated golf shots.

Try clubbing down and relying on your disc to do the work for you. Midranges and putters are often your best bets when playing somewhere that has a narrow fairway. When there’s a good chance that you’ll lose your disc to the water unless you throw your line perfectly, caution should be the name of the game.

Dig Out Your Backups

Some bodies of water are more forgiving, or at the very least more clean, allowing you to retrieve any errant shots before they are gone forever. Yet if you’re in a rush or are playing with a group who isn’t as patient, you don’t want to think about the fact that you could’ve gotten your favorite disc but didn’t.

Instead of laying in bed awake at night mourning the loss of your plastic, go through your long lost stash of plastic before heading to the course. Now there’s no reason for you to throw discs that you absolutely hate, but if you have backups of your favorite molds that you don’t really throw, you might think about taking them out in case you end up with a few in the water. After all, you’d hate for your most recent ace disc to be the victim of grip lock.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Rounds of golf close to the water can be deceiving, as it can be super hot during the day yet things can cool off dramatically once you’re at the course. If you’re dressed for 100-degree weather yet are shocked to find that a lake breeze brings down the temperature substantially, you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt just in case things cool down, preferably something that’s easy to take on and off if the wind is sporadic. Even if the latter part of the day is forecasted to be on the cooler side, make sure to bring plenty of water and of course a few snacks. How do you manage your play on a course that’s filled with treacherous water? Share your tips with us below!
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