Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Paige Beat Ricky In Finland - Find Out How Here!

Ok, we should clarify and set the stage a little bit to more fully explain the situation. During the last day of competition at the Tyyni, we headed to a school in Finland to do a disc golf clinic. It’s an incredible opportunity to not only get the chance to play in other countries but being able to have our pro players share their knowledge with kids is a true gift.
The Prime Burst Gavel was the star of the show for a bit as we threw some lighter weight discs to see who could come closest to our “pin” - it was clear from the start who was actually out on the road playing for a living and who doesn’t spend enough time on the disc golf course.
We tried throwing five putters into a basket at once to see how many we could land, and once again the pros got more love than some of the team members who gave it their best shot. Oh, and we can’t forget about the fact that Paige did, in fact, beat Ricky - at a CTP throw.
More than anything else, this video will give you a good laugh and let you see some of the beautiful scenery that Finland has to offer. Take a work break and go watch it now!
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