Friday, February 21, 2020

Team Series Discs: A Deeper Look - Lucid-X Warden, Lucid-X Verdict, VIP-X Fortress

Team Series discs have become huge over the last few years for two main reasons: they support your favorite players, and they're usually highly sought after discs. Our 2020 Team Series discs bring some new molds to the land of Lucid-X, and they're already creating some hype from those that have heard about them. If you don't know, you're about to know!

 A.J. Risley has been singing the Warden's praises since joining Team Dynamic Discs, and it's easy to see why he chose the Hybrid Warden as his Team Series disc for the last couple of years. Risley's smooth release and excellent spin highlight the easy, straight flights you can achieve with the Warden. The 2018 and 2019 Hybrid Wardens had a little bit taller shoulder for a deeper, almost domey feel, but the 2020 Lucid-X Wardens are reminiscent of early Lucid Warden runs. They are flat-topped and slightly more shallow than the Hybrid Wardens, and they feel almost too good in your hand. The Lucid-X Wardens have the same glide you've come to love, and they now sport a little bit of extra stability. Anyone looking for a stable, reliable throwing putter will find exactly what they're looking for in these Wardens!

Chris Clemons made an impressive rise up the ranks on tour last year, and some solid late-season finishes have fans excited to see what he can do in 2020! Chris has selected the Lucid-X Verdict for his Team Series disc, and it's a perfect fit for his playstyle. Possessing both a powerful forehand and backhand, Chris leans on the Lucid-X Verdict when he needs that reliable, straight flight and
consistent fade on approaches to the basket. Fans of the Verdict can look forward to beautiful, translucent colors, added stability, and a firm feel with the Lucid-X Verdict. If you've been thinking about trying out the Verdict or are looking for a new, overstable midrange, the Lucid-X Verdict might just be the disc for you. And you'll also be helping Chris get to and compete at events this year!

Last but not least, Nikko Locastro has made waves in the top echelon of disc golf for over a decade. His distinct style and impressive shot-making ability have made him a fan favorite, so we wanted his Team Series disc to fit his playstyle and personality. Enter the VIP-X Fortress. The Fortress fits between distance drivers and fairway drivers in terms of speed, and it has a great combination of glide and overstability. The VIP-X Fortress has a Nikko-inspired stamp, clean colors, and a firm feel. The added stability that
comes from the VIP-X plastic is just what Nikko likes when he forces over anhyzers with overstable discs to achieve picturesque S-shaped flights. Don't sleep on the Fortress - it can fill a gap in your bag that you never knew you had!

The Risley Lucid-X Warden, Clemons Lucid-X Verdict, and Nikko VIP-X Fortress are available to wholesale customers RIGHT NOW and to retail customers on 2/27. Don't miss your opportunity to support these players and pick up some sweet plastic at the same time!
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  1. How many of these did you make? 10? 11? we'd love to support your players by purchasing their discs, why not let us?