Wednesday, February 26, 2020

USAMPC, Mental Game, SkipAce picks, and more on Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 304!

Can we play in both Singles and Doubles for Match Play? When will Doubles/Women’s Doubles registration open?

Hey Guys! Robert, you ask a question to every player you interview that I am interested in hearing your answer (and Bobby and Eric and whoever else maybe visiting). When it comes to your mental game what do you do well?

HEY DGAM FAM, when you say a disc is "beat In" does that mean it begins to fly the opposite of how it flies out of the box or do all discs break in the same direction of stability? meaning does an under-stable disc ( like a maverick) beat in to be more stable/ over-stable and over-stable discs (like a bard) beat in to be more stable/under-stable? if that is the case how do stable discs (like a convict) beat in? finally to wrap it up when people say "this disc is becoming very flippy" can you explain exactly what that means?

In a doubles format, your teammate has already played from where the disc landed without placing a mini. Can you then place a mini on the lie and pick up the disc for your shot?

Thanks for answering my previous question about disc limits and pay to play. I have a different question today about putting grip. I have always used a fan grip for putting, but have noticed that further from the basket, near circles edge, I tend to loose grip and the disc moves in my hand. Looking at Roberts putting tips on physics of flight, I started to modify my grip by gripping with the pinky and ring finger and fanning the rest. It feels really nice and comfy, and the disc doesn’t slip. But I’ve noticed that the disc wobbles pretty badly out of my hand. Do you think that the wobbles will decrease as it gets more familiar and my release improves? Or should I go back to the fan? Thanks for your help!!

I've played a few tournaments where my division has less people in it than the rec division. However, the rec player got more in disc golf money compared to the winner of intermediate or advanced because they had less players in their divisions. Do you think this is a good policy? To me it would seem more advantageous to have the winner of advanced get more than rec because it would promote moving up as you progress.

I was curious about what DD does in order to decide what the flight numbers are on a new mold, or plastic/mold combo.

Also, in an earlier episode of DGAM you talked about how golf clubs are fitted to an individual in order to maximize performance for that individual. Do you think disc golf will be able to do the same with flight number, or even possibly a new system designed for maximum performance for an individual?

1st off, I love the show and love what you guys are doing for our sport! So, I registered for the GBO spectator package this morning and have been so excited to FINALLY make the drive out there from Nashville but then I read this: "Unlike in years past, Spectator Badge holders will not receive priority registration for the next GBO. This practice is now in violation of PDGA tournament registration guidelines." WOAH W.T.F (fudge) (keeping it PG) I still plan on coming but dang man. I'd be lying if I said that priority registration next year wasn't a HUGE motivating factor for us. What's that all about? Again, love the show and thank you so much for all you do! I love being a part of TT and representing our brand!

When playing in a tourney, I have seen some people make their putt and then start walking to the next tee pad before the rest of the card has finished putting. I've even seen some hurry up and tap in before others are ready to make their longer putts and then start walking to the next tee. This has never sat well with me.

Is it: 1. No big deal 2. Just common etiquette foul 3. A courtesy violation since you are not watching your playing partners shots.

Hey DGAM crew, I was watching the 2020 LVC and saw that bunkers were OB. What caught my eye though is when a player's disc landed in the sand they played from that lie which was OB. Doesn't this go against rule 802.07.A.3 or is there an exception rule somewhere?

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