Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Disc Golf Answerman Ep 303 Knockout putting game, Player Rating Changes Before Tournament, and more!

It's Disc Golf Answer Man Episode 303, if you'd like to watch the episode you can do so on YouTube here.

Questions we answered in this episode:

Hey guys! I throw my Warden about 300 feet consistently but sometimes have trouble with it turning over too much when I am on the course looking for the distance. What disc would you recommend that will be a little more stable when I put power behind it?

Hey DGAM! Have you ever played disc golf Knockout (like the basketball game)? If so, what is a good distance to start at, and how could you keep the basket still open for the next person to throw when the first person has to run up to make a second putt? In basketball the rim is high, so it not blocked when a person runs forward to rebound their ball.

When you are throwing, especially when you are trying to get a lot of distance or going for a really high shot are you always throwing nose down? I feel like I see pro's crush shots that just get up high in the sky and I have no clue how they are throwing so high and keeping the nose down. I am trying to work on my form, and when I get the nose down properly I feel like I am losing a lot of air time. So how do you throw a disc high, and nose down if you can? If that isn't a thing what am I confused about?

Hello dgam fam, it's Sam (again) with another question about putting. This weekend I ran into a couple of scenarios where I had an obstacle to my right and the best putting option was an anhyzer putt. I adjusted my disc angle for an anhyzer release but it came out flat. What do you think could help remedy this problem? It's not a shot shape I find myself using very often, but would still like to have it for when I need it.

Mando rule from PDGA:

I played a tournament this weekend that was postponed due to bad weather on the original date. During that time between dates the guy who won intermediate received a 64 point ratings bump that made him 949 rated (outside of the MA2 requirements). He was not made to move up. The question I have is what are the rules about playing in the correct division if the date of the tournament has been postponed?

As someone who is 5’6” tall, is it possible, assuming all form and technique is done correctly, to get 500’+ distance on max distance drives when the thrower is below average height? I know that most of the pros getting huge distance are on the taller side and I am wondering how much that truly effects distance potential. Currently, my longest throw is somewhere between 380-390 on a downhill throw and 320-350 on flat ground or uphill shots. Thanks for all that you all do, love the show and all of the disc golf video content that you put on YouTube.

I've been playing for about a year, and have increased my distance 75-100 ft over the past year. Max drive currently being 375-420ish with a hyer flip. I notice sometimes I will get flip to flat with an S curve, but most of the time its ending up flat to finish left..RHBH with the exact same disc. My question is what factors do you feel are most important for that S curve. Am I not generating enough arm speed to force it over or should I increase or decrease the angle of hyzer I cant seem to get a constistant result to focus on...or am I just wrong all together and do u need to try a different disc.

On live coverage I often hear "he needs to turn that disc over very late for this shot".
What factors change where the disc will start to turn or fade depending on which? Is this something you can do with technique or is this in disc selection?

So I have been putting with a 1 glide putter for a couple months and find myself hitting the cage a lot of the time. do you guys think changing my putter to maybe a warden or guard will help me hit more chains or should I keep practicing with this specific putter?
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