Thursday, March 7, 2019

Is This The Best Disc Golf Ace Story You've Ever Read?

Last summer we took some time to highlight a few amazing aces that have been gathered by the DD team over the years. Some were funny and some were inspirational, but none quite set the stage like this one. This ace story by Tero Tommola was so beautifully crafted that we just had to share the whole thing with you:

“I had only gotten very short aces before this one, and only a rare few of them. The longest one could not have been longer than 160 feet or so. None in a tournament either, and still no tournament ace - just recreational aces.

It was the early summer of 2015 and the Finnish weather can be fickle, so as soon as it wasn't raining I decided to head to a brand new 9-hole course that had been opened on a nearby ball golf course, in conjunction with their 9-hole everyman ball golf course. Groups teeing off could have both ball golfers and disc golfers, which I thought was awesome, but I wasn't sure how it would actually work.

The prospect of playing a few rounds and enjoying a burger and beer at the high-end clubhouse mid-rounds sounded very enticing so I packed my bag and off I went. I played two rounds first, 9+9, and got to play alone - no discers and no ballers there other than me. After the rounds, I went for the burger. It was something I had not experienced before - to be able to have a quality burger and a nice glass of cold beer after a round, and then just go for a new round after the break. Just step out of the clubhouse and you were almost to tee 1.

I started getting very tired while eating and was already considering leaving after the meal when the caddie master walked up and politely asked if she could have a moment of my time. Equally politely I agreed and we chatted a moment about the course. I told her it was very well thought out and that I was pleasantly surprised. She, in turn, revealed to me that a disc golfer had actually been called in to create the course. We chatted for a while more and then she left.

I finished my burger and was getting my stuff to head home when she walked over again and said that the designer of the disc golf course was on his way to the course. She said he had asked if I wanted to play a few rounds with him. That changed my mood immediately and I agreed. I was still tired, but I wanted the chance to meet the guy who designed the course.

He arrived shortly and off we went. The round wasn't good for me, I was that tired. I kept the complaints to myself and just told him all the things I liked about the course. We finished the round and he asked me if I would join him for one more. I was on the fence, and considered just saying no for the longest time, but decided that I probably would not come to visit that often (the course is an hour drive away, and I had free to play courses closer), so why not?

We walked to the first tee and he threw his shot on the 345 foot slightly downhill hole, where the basket sits behind the trees on the left - basically a blind hyzer shot. It flew nicely and skipped somewhere close to the basket. I applauded his shot, and grabbed my Sorcerer (back then I bagged Sorcerers) and tried to throw it smoothly on a low line similar to his. I succeeded too, or so I thought before I saw it start to fade too soon. It did clear the corner of the trees, but it still looked bad. I thought ‘it's gonna leave me at least a 60-foot putt’, so I just turned around to get another disc for a mulligan, not waiting to see the rest of the flight.

And that's when it happened. The sweet sound of chains. I stopped in my tracks, looked at him, he looked at me and we both were just stunned. I said ‘it can't be in... it was too short’, and he agreed, but took a few steps to the side where he could see the basket and confirmed it was in.

That was it - my first good distance ace, and seeing as the course was just opened, most probably the first ace on that course also. And with the creator of the course present! Felt good. Felt great. Still does when I think of it. The rest of the round wasn't as good, but that mattered not. I had a big boy ace.”

How’s that for inspirational? Disc golf season is finally upon us and now’s the time to get an ace! Whether it’s your first one or something truly special like Tero’s, an ace is always a huge milestone in one’s disc golf career!
  1. my brother aced very first throw of a tier tournament and won the tournament. that same tournament, i aced as well in the a-tier but not only did I ace during the tournament, we practiced the back 9 again becuase the following day we were playing the same course, and I was explaing to my brother how I aced it and told him to get off the tee and Ill show him the line with a star firebird skip it at the power line, and let it skip at the basket? Well, when i went to show him I aced it agaain, 2 throws on that hole, both aces. to bad our 3rd brother of the tournament didnt ace 3rd round. Would been even better. or my ace story, hole 4 round barn farm in joilet area. in front of 30+ people during leagues with all my brothers watching, they heard a roar from our side of the course.

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