Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dynamic Discs Month In Review - February 2019

Dynamic Discs employees and fans are often asked, “Which of your discs are the most popular?” We tend to think that we know the answers, but some of our ideas may or may not be biased depending on our personal favorites. It’s time to put all that speculation to rest with some COLD, HARD FACTS. It’s time for the Dynamic Discs Month In Review.

Some discs may appear twice or more because of different plastic types. Here are February's top sellers:

  1. Opto Recoil
  2. Opto Pioneer
  3. Special Edition Gatekeeper - only available at Buyback locations until 4/5/19
  4. Special Edition Classic Guard - only available at Buyback locations until 4/5/19
  5. Prime Burst Deputy
  6. Fuzion Raider - Team Trilogy
  7. Prime Burst Judge
  8. Fuzion EMAC Truth
  9. Lucid Air Sheriff
  10. Opto Ballista Pro
  11. Prime Burst Warden
  12. Lucid EMAC Truth
  13. Origio Burst Maiden
  14. Opto Bolt
  15. Classic Blend Burst Judge
  16. Lucid Maverick
  17. VIP Underworld
  18. Classic Blend Burst Warden
  19. Lucid Trespass
  20. BT Hard Moonshine Harp

New releases rule the day (I mean, month) and claim 5 of the top 6 spots. The Recoil and Pioneer retain their momentum and the top two spots. Paige Pierce is a huge fan of both the Gatekeeper and the Deputy, as she carries multiple Prime Burst Deputies for putting and throwing, and the Gatekeeper has already made her bag for 2019. The Guard is sure to please fans of deep dish putters with its clean release and stable flight. Even with a release limited to Team Trilogy, the Raider debuts at the 6th spot, and I have a feeling we’ll see it rise up the list and retain a top spot for many months to come. Spoiler alert - it’s good. It’s really good. Once again, multiple Judges and Wardens make the list as #teamputter fans continue to show their loyalties. It’s likely that the EMAC Truth will never leave the list, and it joins the Gatekeeper as the only two midranges on the list for February. Slower arms had a field day and bought up Lucid Air Sheriffs and Opto Bolts in droves, and their consistent-flying relatives, the Trespass and Ballista Pro, hold their top 20 positions. Westside putters are getting a lot of love lately as the Harp climbs into the top 20, and the Maiden drops from 5th to 13th but stays on the list. Last but not least, understable fairways retain a presence with the Lucid Maverick and VIP Underworld.

Thanks for joining us in looking at a snapshot of our best sellers. Which discs are you surprised to see off the list? Leave a comment below, and let us know why your favorite disc should make March's Month In Review!
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