Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dynamic Discs Month In Review - January 2019

Dynamic Discs employees and fans are often asked, “Which of your discs are the most popular?” We tend to think that we know the answers, but some of our ideas may or may not be biased depending on our personal favorites. It’s time to put all that speculation to rest with some COLD, HARD FACTS. It’s time for the Dynamic Discs Month In Review.

Some discs may appear twice or more because of different plastic types. Here are January’s top sellers:

  1. Special Edition Pioneer - only available at Buyback locations until 3/15/19
  2. Special Edition Recoil - only available at Buyback locations until 3/15/19
  3. Prime Burst Judge
  4. Classic Blend Burst Judge
  5. Origio Burst Maiden
  6. Opto Ballista Pro
  7. Opto River
  8. Classic Blend Burst Warden
  9. Opto Beetle
  10. Lucid Patrol
  11. Lucid Trespass
  12. Lucid Maverick
  13. Lucid Felon
  14. Prime Burst Deputy
  15. Zero Hard Burst Dagger
  16. Lucid Escape
  17. Prime Burst Warden
  18. Lucid EMAC Truth
  19. Prime Burst EMAC Truth
  20. Lucid Air Sheriff

January was a big month for the Latitude 64 new releases, the Pioneer and Recoil. The Pioneer fits that overstable fairway driver slot that everyone needs, and the Recoil has a promising, slightly overstable flight. No surprises for the Judge as it occupies the next two spots in Prime Burst and Classic Blend Burst. The Maiden has made quite a splash over the last several weeks, as players are enjoying the neutral flight and shallow profile. The Ballista Pro made it into bags of all skill levels last year, and it doesn’t seem to have slowed down. Some “older” discs are holding their spots well: River, Trespass, Felon, Escape, and EMAC Truth. I (Robert) am clearly happy to see the Warden claim two spots on the list (#teamwarden) alongside a couple of popular putters - the Deputy and the Dagger. The Maverick continues to find utility in players’ bags, and the Patrol retains its popularity with newer players. Last but not least, the Opto Beetle is a fantastic catch and super slow approach disc, and the Air Sheriff is sure to add distance to plenty of drives, including Bobby’s (if you watched the new release livestream).

Thanks for joining us in looking at a snapshot of our best sellers. Which discs are you surprised to see off the list? Leave a comment below, and let us know why your favorite disc should make February’s Month In Review!
  1. I was surprised to see the prime burst Emac Truth and not the fuzion or lucid Emac Truth. My favorite disc is the prime judge so i can't say anything about that, but other then that the Ballista should make the list because it is a far flying but stable disc.

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