Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What's The One Thing You Can't Survive Tour Without?

Depending on who you are, you may have a very different answer to this question than the next disc golfer. Some might say their bag is priority #1 while others rely on a comfortable pair of shoes or enough money to be able to stay on the road all season long. While all of these answers are true, there’s an issue that needs to be tackled that many people don’t often consider to be a big deal - as Philip Seymour Hoffman said it best in Twister, “food.”

Let’s face it - sure, you can’t play in a tournament if you don’t have your discs, but you won’t be playing to your highest potential if you aren’t eating properly either. It’s far too easy to succumb to fast food and ready-to-go options while on the road, but after a while, it will certainly take a toll on your body. How can you make sure to stay properly fueled while traveling to a new place every few days?

General Meals

There’s an interesting mindset that people get into when they’re on the road, where even if they’re touring and trying to make disc golf their career, it can still feel a little bit like a vacation. This often equates to splurging on fancy dinners and getting the chance to socialize with friends that you haven’t seen since last Fall. More often than not, that may involve a few drinks along with food that may not always be the most healthy.

Even if it’s a few days before a tournament or you have a week off between events, the food you eat now does stick with you. Despite the fact that it eventually travels out of your system, the nutrients or lack thereof that you consume will play a large role in how you perform. Even more importantly are the things you eat on the day of an event, as you’ll be putting your mind and body to the test.

Focus on filling foods and snacks that offer a high nutrient value - despite the fact that convenient items like granola bars and the like are great for putting into a bag, they are often filled with sugar and don’t keep you satiated. As always, plenty of water is also key no matter what the temperature is like.

Prepping Like A Pro

There are so many things to figure out while on tour, and taking the time to consider how you eat may not be at the top of the list. However, with a bit of planning and some creative thinking, you can ensure that you stay healthy all season long. Buy items in bulk and package them yourself into smaller portions - foods like nuts, dried fruit, and crunchy vegetables like carrots can make a long drive go by that much quicker.

Depending on your lodging arrangements, it might be easy to grocery shop and meal plan for an entire week or you could have to come up with food on the fly. If the latter is your reality, look for places that offer fresh ingredients and focus on well-rounded foods rather than greasy or heavy cuisine. Some stops on the tour are going to be more challenging than others in this regard, but as long as you have your eye on your health the rest will follow!
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