Monday, March 11, 2019

Weather Woes - How To Successfully Navigate A New Season

As the years go by it seems that the disc golf offseason is becoming shorter and shorter. While some players don’t necessarily observe this several month time period and instead prefer to play all year long, winter weather does hinder others from getting much time out on the course. With the 2019 season in full swing, we’ve already seen multiple reports on social media of some of the top touring pros reacting to such a major temperature change during their time in Arizona compared to colder days back home.

You don’t have to be on tour to encounter these issues however, as Mother Nature has seemed to have a mind of her own as of late. So how exactly should you transition from cold and snowy days to ones full of sunshine? Let’s cover some of the basics.

Put It On, Take It Off

Those who live in colder areas of the nation are no strangers to layering up before playing a round of disc golf. Even though our bodies do naturally warm up as our day goes on, there’s a good chance that you’ll still be left wearing just as much clothing as when you started. However, as the season gradually transitions into spring, planning ahead will be more and more vital.

Make sure to include enough layers in your outfit so that you’ll both be warm enough should it not reach the highs you were expecting or in the event things do heat up, you’ll be able to take off a jacket or pair of thermal pants in order to be a bit more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than playing when you’re too hot or too cold, even if it’s just for some casual fun.

Assess Your Bag

We talk about one’s bag a lot, and for good reason - without the proper tools, there’s no way you’re going to execute the type of round you’re after. More experienced players, and particularly those who live in colder climates, are well-versed in knowing how discs fly in winter weather and are adequately prepared. Not only might you throw different molds depending on the condition of the course, but you’ll most certainly be using different plastics as the weather gets warmer.

Now is the ideal time to make these adjustments and start to phase out your discs that are intended for snowy conditions. If a trip to your local sporting goods store to purchase some newer items for springtime is required, so be it. As with any transitionary period, take time to look at all of your gear, including your shoes and bag, to see if you can go another season without having to purchase new items.

Some of you might still have to endure another few weeks of knee-high snow, and for that, we’re truly sorry. However, if you’re stuck inside and can’t get out to play, what better time to get ready for warmer days? It’ll happen before you know it and you won’t want to be caught unprepared. What things are most important to you when moving out of the offseason and into warmer weather? Let us know below!
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