Friday, July 13, 2018

Our Guide To Playing Smart In The Summer Heat

Most disc golfers will argue that playing in the sunshine is better than any other weather, but the summer heat tends to bring some downsides along with it. Depending on where you live in the country, you may have to battle with intense humidity or temperatures that frequently top 100 degrees.

How can you cope with summer heat while still enjoying a ton of disc golf? We’ve compiled a quick guide to playing in warmer weather with tips that are straightforward and easy to follow.

Gear Up

A huge part of being able to play comfortably in warm weather is making sure you have the right tools. Naturally, you’ll break a sweat at some point during a round of 18 holes, so it’s important that you wear a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. Most people opt for a dri-fit style shirt that wicks away sweat and moisture and helps to keep you cool. Shorts that are comfortable and move with you are essential.

It’s not just our foreheads or underarms that sweat during a hot round of disc golf as even our palms can suffer from excess moisture. This wetness can seriously impact your ability to grip a disc, so we like to use birdie bags. Our own Sportsacks offer absorbead technology to keep your hands dry no matter what.

Drink Up!

Having enough water with you to last through an entire round is critical, especially if you’re playing in hot weather in the middle of the day. We don’t often realize it but our bodies can dehydrate incredibly quickly. However, our level of hydration can have an accumulation effect, so rather than simply waiting to drink up while you play, it’s helpful to start drinking more water in the days leading up to a tournament.

Sports drinks are often marketed as the best solution for hydration while you’re active, but ultimately water is your best bet for staying healthy without adding extra junk to your system. Try using an insulated water bottle to keep your water cool all round long.

Extra Advice

If you just have to get a round in but it’s looking like the weather is going to be super hot, try playing earlier in the day before things really heat up. Even if it’s in the 70’s in the early morning hours that’s certainly better than sweating in 100-degree weather. Playing later in the day can also be a smart idea, and often meshes well with people’s work schedules.

Snacks are a must no matter what the weather is like, but during the summer be sure to pack enough food even if you’re only headed to the course for a few hours. Grab your cooler, bring a full lunch to eat in between rounds, and keep yourself nourished so that you can battle the fatigue that the heat naturally brings.

Playing disc golf during the summertime can be amazing or difficult depending on how you prepare for a casual round or tournament play, and everyone will be affected differently by hot weather. What are some of your favorite ways to combat the heat? Let us know below.
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