Thursday, July 12, 2018

Did Someone Say Ace? Now You Can Earn Money Along With Your Hole In One

The elusive disc golf ace - it’s something that all players strive for, and when you hit your first one it feels oh so good. Some people seem to be naturally lucky when it comes to a hole in one and rack up ace after ace like it’s no big deal. Others play multiple rounds per week for years before they ever hit chains on the first try.

While the traditions around hitting an ace vary depending on the part of the country you’re in, we want to discuss some general guidelines and stipulations that come with getting an ace, whether it’s during a casual round or tournament play. Plus, you can even earn money from your ace - keep reading to find out how!

You’ve Hit An Ace - Now What?

That moment of hearing chains when you’re standing on the tee box is nothing short of a miracle, and even if you’ve hit dozens of aces throughout your disc golf career, it’s always a great feeling. Once you’ve retrieved your disc and relished in the glory, what do you do next?

Again, some parts of the nation do different things but what we commonly see is that anyone who witnesses an ace pulls out a Sharpie and signs the ace disc. You can include your PDGA number if you have one or even write a fun little message on it. More often than not, people like to hang their ace discs at home and it’s cool to see one on the wall with a bunch of signatures.

What shouldn’t you do? Out of respect for the course and other players, you should never sign any part of the basket. The same thing goes for the tee sign, a bench, or anything else out there. Keep your penmanship limited to the disc and only the disc.

All About The Money

You can’t hit the proverbial disc golf jackpot without making some cash, right? In most instances, those who witness an ace will pay the player $1 or sometimes even $5. If you’re competing in a tournament or weekly and paid into the ace pot, you could also earn some hefty cash.

Another great way to make some real money with an ace is by playing in an event that’s participating in the $5K/$10K Grow Disc Golf Ace Challenge. In short, tournament directors can choose a specific hole on the course and designate it as the ace hole. They’ll film each shot thrown, and if you hit an ace on that specific hole you can win up to $10,000! For a complete outline of the details, including the benefits of participating and how to set everything up so that the aces count, visit our Grow Disc Golf site.

Hitting an ace is always a day to remember, and sometimes the ways they happen can be a bit unexpected or even pretty funny. Stay tuned for another blog highlighting some of the most memorable aces thrown or seen by members of the DD team.
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