Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 4: Paige's Feelings On Disc Golf Friends

Once again it seems as if this installment of the DD Women’s Series has just flown by! We’ve gotten to learn more about form with Paige Pierce with an extra emphasis on how to find success on the tee box. She’s filled us in on how to stay strong with our mental game even when the guys on the course might be less than enthused that we’re there, and now we come to a topic that Paige is an expert on: making friends within the disc golf community.

If you’ve seen her Instagram or Facebook posts you know that Pierce is always having a good time on and off the course and has cultivated friendships with tons of players across the nation. But how does the element of female friends come into play? She shares with us some of her thoughts on how these relationships help to further her game and the sport as a whole.

Friends Are Family

For a touring pro like Paige, she sees other players on the road more often than she sees her own family, and having a close-knit group of women to hang out with is essential for her. She refers to it as building a family on the road, and notes that having other gals out there is awesome both from a performance standpoint and an interpersonal outlook: “Even though you’re competing and doing it every week to make a living, it adds a different element but we all still respect each other - we know how hard each of us is working.”

Rather than creating the environment for catty competition, the women who are on the pro tour circuit truly rely on one another for moral support and someone to have fun with when tour stop after tour stop becomes the name of the game. Paige herself has met two of her best friends through disc golf, though in completely different ways, and wouldn’t be where she is today without these wonderful women.

Ladies Who Grow The Sport

Not sure how you can make gal pals within disc golf? Paige recommends above all else to hit up a women’s only tournament at least once each season. “It’s the highlight of the year. If you haven’t been to one it’s the perfect starting point; there’s not any other vibe like it,” she says. And she’s totally right! The energy you feel at a ladies event is so different than at any other tournament, and it gives you a great chance to meet other women who are into disc golf.

Ultimately, Paige really believes that these ladies only events are the future of the sport because they help to build camaraderie as well as create an atmosphere in which even the newest player will feel welcomed and at ease. There’s always a push to get more women involved in disc golf, and these events are a great way to get that done.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Paige’s game, how she’s grown her skills, and what elements contribute to making her the exceptional player that she is. Keep your eyes out for another DD Women’s Series where we chat with another one of our female players!
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