Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The DD Team Q&A

At Dynamic Discs we aim to be a lot of things - we make awesome discs for everyone from the casual player to the professional athlete. Our store hosts an assortment of clothing, bags, and accessories to make sure your disc golf game is functional, comfortable, and looking good.

But above all else, we really pride ourselves on the support that our team members give to those across the nation. While you may not have a DD team member in your own backyard, our players are traveling the country more often than not, and always have the time for a helpful tip or even a selfie!

At the recent WhalePants Bag of Tricks event in Carrollton, Texas, our players took the time to host a Q&A with everyone in attendance, offering advice and a platform for people to ask their most burning questions. We know it's a long video, but think of it as a short movie you can enjoy. At the very least, listen to the sage wisdom of our sponsored players while you do other activities to let their feedback sink in.

We've found that improving your disc golf game requires as much time working on what's between your ears as the time you spend grinding on the course. It's our hope that some of the info in this Q&A may dramatically change the way you approach a specific element of your game!

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