Monday, February 19, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 3: Let's Get Mental With Paige Pierce

Ok, we’re not actually going crazy in this post, but we are exploring all things related to one’s mental game during a round of disc golf. If you’ve missed our previous blogs in Paige’s series, go ahead and check them out now. You’ll learn about form and tee shots along with some good tips that set up nicely for this particular discussion.

Being a female disc golfer brings perks and drawbacks, and it’s managing the challenging aspects of the game that makes the difference between success and giving up. Sure, ladies are celebrated in the sport with their own events, gear, and discs, but there can also be a negative attitude by some when women show up on the tee box.

Let’s see what Paige has done to help her own mental game and how she recommends women excel on the course.

Playing With The Boys

It’s happened to all women, even Paige - you’re playing with a group of guys and your drive comes up the shortest. All of a sudden it seems that you’re invisible as everyone walks in front of your lie and you’re standing to wait to take your next shot. “It was cute when I was 4, but when I got around 7 or 8 they were over it and started walking in front of me. I tried to be polite and wait but it was almost every hole,” Paige recalls.

So what did she do? By tapping into her competitive side, she pushed herself to outdrive the boys and avoid the problem altogether. “Learning is more productive whenever something is on the line and you have pressure on you. You know you have one chance and you have to execute right then and there. You have to focus,” she said. We know, it’s easier said than done, but it’s better for your mental game than getting mad at your cardmates.

What Does Practice Mean?

Taking an interesting perspective, Paige said that one’s mental game while playing casually has a huge impact on how you perform competitively. “People misuse the term ‘practice round’ because people aren’t focused, they’re just chunking discs,” said Pierce. Instead, try looking for a ladies league on Facebook that’s near you and use that time to get into the competitive spirit. There’s a good chance you’ll actually try more in that environment as opposed to just throwing plastic for the heck of it.

Keep Your Focus

Not that we want to harp on this too much, but there’s always something to be said for women having to stand their ground when playing a round with men. Most guys end up being respectful, but there’s always a few that completely take away from the whole experience. What does Paige recommend if you’re a gal who’s being harassed on the course? “Just don’t even talk about it, it’s going to make it more uncomfortable.” Simply ignore them, she says, and they’ll stop.

Ladies, it’s not easy to keep your mental game on point when you’re surrounded by dozens of dudes and there isn’t another gal in sight. However, Paige has been there and with the tips she’s shared, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to kick some butt and earn more respect on the course. Stay tuned for our last post in this 4-part series with Paige Pierce!
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  3. Generally I watch all FPO tournament tapes. For me it is more interesting and instructive. The women have better form. It seems all the guys do is drive and putt. The women do more upshots which I find helpful. It has got to be harder being a female with all the extra stuff they have to put up with. Also it is harder to grow the sport for them. We do have a semi local women's league. But some still find that intimidating. It is rare to see them playing ain weekly doubles events. Most tournaments there are only a handful of women in them. It is harder for Paige to make a living at disc golf then Paul McBeth. I hope she keeps plugging away at it. Do enjoy watching her play.

    1. I watch primarily the FPO players for the reasons that Leroy has stated. Have become a real fan of Paige. She has great driving form and her aggresive putting is amazing!

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