Thursday, February 15, 2018

DD Team Member Bryce Lawrance Finds A Passion For Course Design

It’s a dream of many disc golfers to be able to design and install their own course. From designing their ideal holes, using a prime piece of real estate, and even getting the final say in basket selection, it’s an exciting prospect.

Sadly, many of us will have this dream but not see it through to reality. Designing and installing a disc golf course comes with a lot of time and even more red tape. That’s not to say that it can’t be done, but it takes perseverance and dedication.

Despite being in his teens, DD team member Bryce Lawrance gets to see his dream come true as he has helped to design and implement a course in Purcell, Oklahoma. We spoke with Bryce to find out how he’s been so successful with this project and a little more about what residents of the area can expect.

It Takes Teamwork

Dragon Disc Golf Course is certainly Bryce’s brainchild, but he wasn’t the only one involved to make it happen. Both he and his father have been involved in their local club, Sooner Disc Golf Club, for many years. Making a name for themselves through volunteer work and being an active member of their disc golf community, they were approached by the City of Purcell to see what the options were for installing a course.

“Sooner Disc Golf is a collection of volunteers who get together to run tournaments and take care of our local courses. We have been members of this group since I started. My dad has been with them on and off for many years,” said Lawrance. He’s seen first-hand that playing a part in your local club can have a huge impact on the growth of the sport.

Why Now?

With a heavy workload in school, it might seem crazy for Bryce to also take on the activity of installing and designing a course. But as we’ve said, when you’re in love with disc golf, it’s the ultimate goal for many: “I love the game of disc golf. Being able to assist in design and installation of a course is a dream all disc golfers have. I also share this dream.”

The course opened on January 14, 2018, although it has yet to be fitted with permanent tee pads or tee signs. Players in the area are getting to test drive the layout so to speak and have the opportunity to provide feedback before things are made permanent: “We wanted it to be played so we could tweak anything that did not play as we hoped and to ensure safety,” Lawrance said.

A Beast Of A Course

So what’s Dragon Disc Golf Course like? “It is a par 62 with elevation change and a lot of out of bounds chasing you all over the course. This is as far from a birdie or die course as we could get. You must play placement shots and check your ego at times or your score will skyrocket,” Bryce said proudly. The course sounds incredible and it seems as if Bryce has tapped into a unique talent at a young age.

If you’re in the Purcell area, check out the course and let us know what you think!
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