Thursday, February 22, 2018

DD Event Updates For The 2018 Season

This year is shaping up to be a busy season for Dynamic Discs, and with so many events going on we’ve found that it’s best to update everyone on the latest happenings in one live Facebook video.

If you missed the broadcast from Bobby and Doug, you can watch it here. Here’s a quick recap of the most important updates:

  • The US Amateur Match Play Championships currently have 222 brackets that are spoken for across 50 states and provinces. Check out the UDisc app to check out a bracket near you!
  • Pre-registration is now open for the flex start C-tiers during 2018’s Glass Blown Open and will be capped at 300 players.
  • Frustrated about securing lodging for GBO? Homeowners are being encouraged to participate with Airbnb, so be sure to check out your options there.
  • Our $5K/$10K Ace Challenge has almost 20 events throughout the country - find more info at the Grow Disc Golf website.
  • Stay tuned for Trilogy Challenge info around March 1st. 2018 should be a great year for these events!
  • Saturday, June 16th we’re holding another DD stadium event, this time at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City! Registration goes live on February 14th at noon.

These are just the highlights of this important update, so be sure to watch the entire video for more info!
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