Friday, July 14, 2017

New To Disc Golf? Here Are Some Discs Just For Beginners

Selecting and purchasing new discs is probably one of the most exciting and simultaneously overwhelming aspects for anyone new to the sport of disc golf. On one hand, you feel like a kid in a candy store; there are so many options to choose from it makes your head spin! On the other hand, there’s a problem - it’s not always obvious which molds will best suit your needs, which is only exacerbated by then being confronted with dozens if not hundreds of options.

This situation can certainly make your disc buying experience a daunting challenge if you’re not prepared. That’s why we’ve created a helpful video along with tips from Dynamic Discs team member Tina Stanaitis. She recommends that women, as well as newer players, try out the Breakout, the Truth, and the Judge.

Another great set of options available for new players is being offered from our overseas counterpart. The Ruby, the Diamond, the Jade, and the Pearl are four easy to use discs that Latitude 64ยบ has developed for beginners, children, and anyone throwing under 300 feet. Let these lighter weight and easy to grip discs soar with ease as you learn the mechanics of disc golf and steadily improve your game.

Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with the sport and your skills have grown, take some time to check out all of the other great options available from the Dynamic Discs lineup.
Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When Your Course Deserves The Best - Disc Golf Design By EMAC

The growth of disc golf is stronger and steadier now than ever before. It’s growing so fast, in fact, that it’s important to recognize and address one simple fact: as the number of new players who choose to spend their free time out throwing discs in parks increases, the number of new courses in the ground must grow right along with it.

It’s balancing act that can be hard to manage for even the most organized city planner, but the truth is that this harmony must be maintained in order to keep a certain level of peace and safety across the disc golf course universe. Who has the means to meet the demands of the growing number of new disc golf enthusiasts? Eric McCabe, an accomplished and experienced course designer.

A Little Background

Eric McCabe is the 2010 Professional Disc Golf World Champion and is a world-class course designer who is based out of Emporia, KS. As the father of the Glass Blown Open and the designer of the courses used during both it and the 2016 PDGA World Championships, also held in Emporia, Eric has produced quite an impressive resume for himself.

It’s impressive enough for Don Pinard and Andy Vachon out of Manchester, New Hampshire, as they decided to bring Eric in to help with the design and installation of the highly praised and heavily wooded Hollows DGC last year. Others like Warren and Susie Harshman at Clover Cliff Ranch trusted Eric with a complete redesign of their course, as McCabe transformed their property into an epic 18 hole masterpiece.

Eric & The Truth

McCabe understands the nuanced way in which quality, safety, and flow affect course design. These elements heavily dictate and shape what he determines to be the best possible design in order to suit the needs and requirements of any given project.

Many a disc golfer has felt that they knew best, choosing to design and install disc golf courses without the proper experience and understanding of the game, only to find that their poor design choices ultimately led to sub-par results. The implications of poor course design are real and can mean that innocent bystanders run the risk of getting hit with discs or tournaments result in poor attendance due to a reputation of long walks and back-ups.

Whichever pitfall your course may fall into, it’s not too late to bring Eric in to help with the redesign and to improve the overall experience of players and others who use the park for recreational purposes.

Trust Us, We’re Professionals

There’s a time for going straight to the source and in this case, Eric says it best on his website: “A great design is more than just a collection of fun or picturesque holes, it should emphasize the character and flow of the land. The more imagination that goes into the overall course, the more successful it will be. Each course has unique geography and flora which a great design will utilize to enhance the aesthetic of your park while challenging players of all skill levels.”

When you’re ready to give your land the very best, place a call to Eric McCabe. The course, and its players, will thank you.
Thursday, July 6, 2017

RFID - Is Disc Golf Ready For This Technology?

It’s safe to say that disc golf is primed to take off with all of the new sponsors and growth we’re experiencing, and it’s time to start thinking about the future. That’s exactly what the PDGA has done as of November 17th, 2014, with a rule change relating to discs, stating: “Electronic components may be embedded/inserted with none of its metal components externally exposed.” It’s been almost three years since this rule went into effect, so what’s been keeping RFID out of our sport?

How Are Other Sports Using RFID?

Let’s explore how Zebra, an RFID sports tracking and solutions company, has implemented a reliable system that has been put into place in sports like football, soccer, and bike racing. Using RFID sensors in conjunction with players and the media, Zebra is providing statistics and feedback that fans can enjoy and coaches are using to improve the game. How can disc golf take advantage of these new technologies and allow them to transform the way our sport works?

How Might Disc Golf Use RFID?

Imagine what we could do with RFID tags in each disc and use them to mark each boundary, basket, and tee box. There would be no more guessing where a disc went out of bounds, and commentators will forever know what disc was thrown and how far it went.

We could have real-time statistics including RPM, MPH, the distance left to the pin, and have beautiful graphics with a mapped flight route after each throw. All of this could be logged right into our phones and then dynamically integrated into UDisc or Disc Golf Metrix tracking.

Players would see a huge drop in lost disc penalties, and could even implement auto-tracking cameras that would seamlessly interpolate the disc, player, and basket into one camera frame. All of this data could be used to improve course flow and reduce backups. Live scoring would become an automated process and completely remove the tedious work currently being executed by Marty Gregoire and the generous volunteers of the PDGA.

What Are The Costs And Obstacles?

It’s important to note that the cost of the RFID chips themselves is less than a dollar per unit, so it’s safe to say that price is not what’s keeping our sport from cashing in on this technology. The true cost is going to be integrating a uniform system across multiple platforms including discs, mobile devices, courses, and the web.

The development of this network is no small feat and is our sport’s primary obstacle if we wish to take advantage of the RFID tech market. Perhaps one way to overcome the costs of an RFID disc golf infrastructure would be to offer an in-depth statistic tracking system behind an annual membership fee. It might even be a huge incentive to keep more people current with the PDGA if the RFID network was included with and integrated into each membership and player info page.

Give us your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section about how you think this idea might revolutionize our sport!
Wednesday, July 5, 2017

All About Our Buyback Program

At Dynamic Discs, we understand how hard it can be to try new things, which is precisely why we developed our friendly Buyback Program. We wanted to provide players, from the seasoned professionals to the first timers, an amazing opportunity to try out any mold from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, or Westside Discs and know that within 14 days, it can be exchanged for any reason with any other disc in the store of equal or lesser value.

Players will love knowing that they can try out all kinds of discs that might exponentially improve their game without having to first ask “will this work for me?”

Dynamic Discs Buyback Program

If you’re a retailer you might be wondering how this might affect your store. Wade Parkhurst at was nervous when he first read the email introducing the program, thinking it would cause him to start slowly losing money. But what actually happened was, as Wade puts it, “not the case at all.”

Parkhurst goes on to explain that customer confidence in their purchases has been much higher since implementing the program. “It’s so easy to make the program work for you,” he says. There’s something about knowing you have recourse if your purchase doesn’t work out that makes players more confident in purchasing discs that are new to them, and that in turn will boost store sales.

Remember, there’s always fine print. The Buyback Program requires your proof of purchase and excludes misprints. It’s available for in-store purchases only. To find a store that participates in the program, check out our locations here.
Monday, July 3, 2017

Can Plastic Type Really Affect The Flight Of Your Disc?

If you’ve been playing disc golf for even a short period of time, you probably understand that as the weight and characteristics of a disc change so does that disc’s flight capabilities. But what many may not realize is that the various types of plastics used during the manufacturing process might also play a huge factor.

Your disc’s plastic type can potentially alter the stability or glide just as much as any other variable would, and this can lead to some confusion among beginning players. Let’s do a quick review of the DD plastic and how you might expect your discs to fly based on what type of plastic they’re made from.

The DD Lineup

Dynamic Discs has a solid array of plastic types to meet just about everyone’s needs. For those who need a refresher, here’s what we have available:

  • Classic - This is best known as our baseline or entry level plastic. It offers a good grip and will beat into a very smooth and soft turnover disc after just a few laps around the track. Classic makes a great choice for putters and midrange discs, especially if you like cycling discs at various stages of wear and tear. 
  • Prime - Offering many of the same benefits of Classic plastic, our Prime discs give players an improved grip and more durability. You’ll still get that same beat in flight after a while, but Prime will hold up a little longer when it comes to wear and tear. 
  • Lucid - We love this plastic and so do the pros! As one of our premium plastics, Lucid discs take durability to the next level. Many players opt for Lucid discs not only for their trusted performance but because their translucent effect looks pretty great in the air. 
  • Fuzion - This line builds upon the premium plastic platform of durability and strength just like the Lucid discs. Fuzion plastic will give you a great grip as well as the added look of a shimmery shine. 
  • BioFuzion - Some prefer the less expensive and economical choice in BioFuzion plastic which is made from grinding up deformed and misprinted discs into a recycled plastic. This results in a disc that is not as durable as Fuzion but still offers a great product. 
  • Fluid - Fluid plastic offers the same durability and look that has made the Lucid line so successful but has a softer, almost gummy like quality that makes the disc extremely grippy. Dynamic Discs’ Fluid line is also the perfect choice for playing in colder weather which normally makes it hard to get a good firm grip on your disc. Our Fluid line plastic will stiffen up but remain soft and save you strokes during those cold winter rounds.

How’s Your Flight?

So the ultimate question is: does your plastic choice affect the flight of your disc, and more importantly, influence your disc purchasing decisions? Many might say yes, as the durability and grip you get on certain plastics can give you a more trusted and accurate shot than others.

Still, other players might feel that plastic types are more about comfort in the hand and durability in your bag, and the flight of your disc comes from your own skills as a player. How do you think plastic type plays into your game? Let us know in the comments below.
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rising To The Occasion - Paige Pierce Wins Her Fourth World Title

It’s the event that players and spectators alike look forward to for months - the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships. Held earlier in the season than normal in Augusta, Georgia, 205 pro players fought their way through humidity and tough courses to see who would take this year’s title.

Coming off of her fourth world champion win, we talked with Paige Pierce to get her perspective on this year’s event, how she handled the pressure, and what comes next.

Practice With The Right Tools

Despite not arriving in Georgia as early as she wanted, Paige was able to get in multiple rounds before the event’s mid-week start. With both courses offering different types of challenges, she found that several of her discs became her go-to’s throughout the four-day event.

“The discs I relied on the most were my Paige Pierce Lucid Convict, the Lucid EMAC Truth, the Classic Blend Marshal, the Prime Deputy, and the BioFuzion Defender. The Jackson course called for a lot of putter shots hence the Marshal and Deputy, but at Fort Gordon, it was all about my favorite driver, the Bio Defender!” she said.

Not one to come into an event without a game plan, Pierce attacked each day with the determination to pull ahead of defending champion Valarie Jenkins. Though she would’ve liked to have more strokes as a buffer during her final round, perhaps it was what everyone needed: “It gave Val and I the battle that fueled us both and everyone that was watching,” said Pierce.

Stepping Up To The Challenge

Every player has their own particular preferences when it comes to course design, and for Paige, Fort Gordon didn’t quite check enough boxes on her list. Yet, noting that everyone had to play the course whether they liked it or not, Paige did find the four rounds to be a test of her skills:

“The most challenging part of the courses I would say would be that no matter where a tee shot landed you had to be on your toes and had to scramble. There was nothing easy about any given shot. Each individual shot was so demanding that it really tested all of your skill set. I think they suited my game well; honestly with the tools at my fingertips and the confidence I have in them it is hard to find a course I don't feel confident on.”

Having The Right Mentality

It would be easy to say that with her track record so far this year, Paige was a shoe-in for winning Worlds. However, she doesn’t rely on her previous successes to carry her to victory. “I try to completely wipe the slate clean after each tournament,” said Pierce. “This was no different. It didn't matter what happened the week before or even 3 months before, it was about 4 rounds that were yet to happen. So I told myself to stick to my game plan and execute the shots. If I did I knew I would at least be in contention.”

Her plan worked, as she bested the competition by a total of 5 strokes to win the 2017 title. Paige’s next goals for the year include taking home the NT Championship and even the Pro Tour Championship. As for her cycle of only winning Worlds on the odd years? “I definitely think about that often, it’s funny how that works out. Honestly, all I can do is try to put myself in position next year and give myself the chance to get up on that podium,” she said.

Congratulations on the win, Paige! Everyone at Dynamic Discs is proud to have you on our team.

Exploring Clover Cliff Ranch - A New Disc Golf Destination

It’s just about summertime, which means it’s time to start making plans for your next disc golf destination. One of the up and coming spots in the Kansas area is the gorgeous Clover Cliff Ranch, located just outside of Cottonwood Falls.

It’s a short 20-minute drive from Emporia and is complete with eighteen pristine Veteran basket. This beautiful disc golf course provides open holes and can be very windy. With hills and valleys that offer a variety of elevation, it’s a challenging experience for experts and beginners alike.

Check out the property!

Fine Tuning The Course

So what kind of work has gone into making Clover Cliff Ranch so spectacular? With many years under his belt designing countless courses, Eric noted that he looked at a few specific elements when playing the initial 9 hole layout.

When playing with a group, seeing a lot of errant shots or crossing fairways can raise a red flag. Eric, Bobby, and many other DD employees visited the course to discuss basket placement and made sure the setup was worthy of upcoming tournaments.

See their round here!

A Little Rest And Relaxation

After your round is done, you can cozy up and experience the old-fashioned hospitality that Clover Cliff Ranch Bed and Breakfast has to offer. As an elegant late Victorian era empire-style stone home, it boasts beautiful design elements with themed rooms.

Visitors are often in awe of the bedrooms, as they are filled with authentic period-specific furniture and decor. You can put your feet up and relax in the family parlor and get lost in the panoramic views of Flint Hills. The next time you’re up for a disc golf getaway, check out Clover Cliff Ranch.
Monday, June 19, 2017

Are The Trilogy Challenge Discs Right For You?

Are you on the fence about playing in a Trilogy Challenge and wonder if the discs included might be right for you? Bobby and Eric go over each of the molds included in the 2017 Challenge and describe how they might fly if you’re a pro player or someone who plays casually.

The Pine

Westside Discs has a new stable midrange as part of the Challenge package this year. The Pine gives you control with a really nice feel in your hand and holds up great during windy conditions. It’s a nice compliment to the Warship in the Westside lineup and it’s a great disc for all skill levels. If you need to get a predictable flight path out of your disc, the Pine is the way to go.

The Deputy

Next up is the latest putter from Dynamic Discs - the Deputy. It’s an easy to throw beadless disc that’s great if you have smaller hands, and it’s the putter of choice for 3X World Champion Paige Pierce. The Deputy is a classic understable putter that will give you a straight line and an awesome glide. Casual players will be excited to see this disc flip up to flat, and those with higher arm speeds will find it holds whatever line you put it on.

The River Pro

Finally, we have a pro version of The River! As one of Latitude 64’s best-selling discs of all time, the River Pro is an easy to grip fairway driver that offers a domey profile and a smaller rim. This disc offers a great amount of glide and will be really predictable for a casual player. Pros will find this disc works great when you need an overstable go-to.

Remember, the only way to try these discs is to participate in a Trilogy Challenge, so visit the website to find an event near you.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Will It Hyzer?

Have you ever been at a store or just walked through your house and saw everyday items and wondered if that item would fly if given the chance?

Well, even if you haven't, we are here to answer the question with, "Will It Hyzer?"

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Part-Time Disc Golfer With Full-Time Passion - That's Team Member Zach Newhouse

Think that it’s impossible to work full-time and compete as a part-time disc golfer? It’s doable, but it’s not easy. In fact, there are more people achieving it than you might realize, and Dynamic Discs team member Zach Newhouse is one of them. Newhouse, a Canada resident, has taken his love of the sport and throttled himself toward success, but it wasn’t actually disc golf that started his interest in sports.

Zach’s love of athletics actually began when he played tennis in college, and this passion translated over into disc golf when his friend Tony introduced him to the game. Eventually, Newhouse was introduced to Sergio & Carla Correa, who encouraged him to compete in disc golf tournaments and sharpen his skills as a player. After college Zach made a huge decision and moved to Charlotte, NC where the combination of quality courses and players in the area pushed him into the pro ranks.

Now as a long-time member of the PDGA, Zach has a total of 5 wins under his belt and his current rating is a smoldering 1004. His excitement for this year’s GBO was evident, as his skills landed him on the lead card for round 2 and resulted in a 7th place finish.

A True Part Of The Disc Golf Family

Landing a spot on the Dynamic Discs team is a huge milestone for Zach. “It means so much to be a part of a great group of disc golfers,” he said. Zach has been fortunate enough to know many of his teammates for several years and they have become some of his closest friends. His relationships with members of the team are further evidence that disc golf isn’t just a sport, it’s a family.

Those of us who have been in the sport for a long time know that having such a strong community not only helps to promote the game, but it helps to develop your skills as a player too. Lately, Zach has really been into throwing shorter forehand flex shots, describing that “it has been extremely valuable in helping me save strokes on the course and is just fun to watch fly.”

A large part of Zach’s success as a disc golfer has to do with his mental game, and having awesome card mates during a tournament definitely helps to keep the vibes positive. Zach enjoys playing with golfers like Eric McCabe and Cale Leiviska, saying: “They are both incredible golfers and fun to be around. They are extremely competitive but also genuinely nice guys that are always rooting for everyone to play well.”

Setting His Sights Higher

Always looking to improve his game, Newhouse is currently focused on one key element: “Consistency for me is the biggest thing. Not playing as much makes it tough to stay sharp with all aspects of the game, so I really try to maximize the quality of practice I get when I have the time.”

The weather in Calgary doesn’t always agree with Zach’s love of disc golf, so he often ends up spending time practice putting in his basement and uses the off-season to rest up. While he doesn’t tour as much as many of the other pros, he looks forward to playing in the larger events each year to stay competitive.

We hope to see Zach out on the course more as the weather is finally starting to improve this year. Keep your eyes out for him to make some moves in the 2017 season!