Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dynamic Discs Open Logo Design Contest

We recently announced that the Glass Blown Open was changing its name to the Dynamic Discs Open. Although the event itself, full of disc golf, a bonfire, a block party, and a top tier tournament, is not changing, we need a new logo to go with the new name.

This is where you, the fans and followers, come in. We want to give you a chance to design the new logo for the Dynamic Discs Open by holding a logo design contest! Companies as big as Toyota have crowdsourced their logo in the past to great success, and we can't wait to see what our fans can create.

The Dynamic Discs Open Logo Design contest is open for any and everyone to submit their idea. If this sounds interesting to you then continue to read on for all the details.

Things to consider when submitting your idea:

1. The text "Dynamic Discs Open" should be part of the design.

2. The Standard D's logo should be included in the logo.

3. The logo needs to be designed so that it can be put on apparel.

4. The logo needs to be designed so that it can be a stamp for discs. 

5. The design should be an original design.

6. You can submit more than one design. Please be sure to name the file so they can easily be associated with you.

You can find our logo files here.

You have until December 11th to submit your final entry.

Please label your file so that we can identify it by your name. For example, Bobby_Brown_DDO_Logo.jpg.

You can submit your info and logo entry using this form.

As entries are received, feedback will be given to determine if the entry is a candidate for the winning design. Once all the entries are received, Dynamic Discs will determine the winning design and contact the designer to finalize the logo. The designer of the winning design will receive $1000 in store credit to the Dynamic Discs online store.

If you have questions please contact bobby@dynamicdiscs.com.
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  2. Does the "Standard D's logo just mean the crown? Or the full image?"

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