Friday, December 11, 2020

You have picked the winner for the Elliot Zettas' Pitch for Pins

In October, we partnered with Elliot Zettas for his Pitch for Pins contest in which he is giving away his 18 Veteran Baskets that he won after becoming the 2020 US Amateur Match Play Champion. The contest ended after one month, and Elliot received over 40 entries. He narrowed it down to his top 5, and then asked the fans and followers of Dynamic Discs to help select a winner.

The poll to vote was open for a week, and 3,403 votes were cast. 3,403! Dynamic Discs is pleased to announce that the winner of the Pitch for Pins contest is Emily Fischer and her team at Gateway Woods. Gateway Woods mission is to provide a ministry avenue for members and supporters of the Apostolic Christian Church and deliver exceptional restorative services to children and families. Check out their video entry below and read their entire pitch here.

Pitch for Pins (Gateway Woods) from Gateway Woods on Vimeo.


A narrow margin separated Emily Fischer and Gateway Woods from Brylan Anderson and Classmates, whose entry got second place by only 36 votes. We were so impressed by their student-produced pitch that we have decided to allocate some funds from the $5K/10K Grow Disc Golf Ace Challenge to award Brylan and his school with 18 Patriot Baskets for their course in Spring Grove, PA. In their Pitch for Pins entry, they pitched the idea of designing a course that would be in the middle of 3 schools. The entire pitch was driven by students of the schools.


In Gateway Woods's pitch it was stated that they would only be able to use 9 of the 18 Veteran Baskets. Emily Fischer from Gateway Woods had suggested that the remaining 9 baskets be given to the 2nd place winner. This was before she knew about us giving Brylan Anderson 18 Patriot baskets. Emily still wanted one of the top 5 entries to experience some of the excitement so Elliot reached out to Alan Hansen Begg and offered him the 9 baskets. After working with the Sierra County in New Mexico, Alan has confirmed that he will be able to use the 9 baskets for a disc golf course.

Thank you to Elliot Zettas for his generosity, to all the entries, and to everyone that voted!
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