Friday, October 13, 2017

What Can You Do On Grow Disc Golf Day?

The desire to #growthesport is present for most of us all year long, and at Dynamic Discs, we like to take it a step further each October. We've developed Grow Disc Golf Day as a fun way for us to place the emphasis on informing others about our sport even more through clinics, golfing with a friend, or introducing coworkers to disc golf.

We got the low down from DD Events Coordinator Doug Bjerkaas, as he and his wife invited a group of people out during Grow Disc Golf Day. They all met at a 9 hole course and put on a short clinic first so that people felt a little more comfortable and knew what to do.

Their group totaled 12, and 4 of those people are now die-hard disc golfers! Some of them help to maintain courses in the area while others only have time to golf once a month, but the important thing is that his friends have now found a new hobby they enjoy! Doug notes there were six key things that helped to make his efforts successful - learn about them here.

Visit the Grow Disc Golf Day website to share your experience with us!
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