Thursday, October 12, 2017

Focusing On The Hyzer - Dollar Store Edition

By now you've more than likely seen our videos where we take regular items and throw them in a field, asking the all-important question: will it hyzer?

On our most recent expedition, we hit up the Dollar Store to find some fun goodies to test out. Many of our finds were rather disc-shaped, and we had a lot of fun watching stuff crash into the ground. One of our selections was described by Bobby as an "aerial ballet," so you know we had a good time.

Watch the full video here

However, on a more serious note, you might ask yourself why we always test items to see if they will hyzer. Sure it's fun, but it's also a really interesting look into the aerodynamics of household objects and how they compare to the flight of a disc.

Both professional and casual disc golfers alike often draw on the hyzer shot from their bag of tricks, while many new players find that hyzers are frustrating and prohibit the amount of distance they're able to throw.

Maybe the next time you throw a disc on a hyzer line, you'll not only think about our fun antics but also give a little more thought into this flight path and how frequently it shows up in the real world.
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