Monday, October 16, 2017

Test Your Knowledge Of The PDGA Rules!

Anyone who has a PDGA number receives a compact handbook that outlines the rules and regulations set forth by the PDGA, and while a lot of people read it from cover to cover, does anyone memorize it?

Today we want to put your brain to the test and see if you know the "legal" way to handle certain situations if they come up during tournament play. You can click here for a full list of the PDGA Rules Q & A.

  1. Could you theoretically kick your disc down the fairway and have each kick count as your throw?
  2. Am I allowed to use my mini, remove my previously thrown disc, but then change my mind and put it back again?
  3. What kinds of substances can I use on my hands for a better grip?
  4. Can I lean on a tree for support while I put or throw if I have an awkward stance?

  1. Yes, you can! Since shots of all types are allowed, "throwing" with your foot would be seen as acceptable play.
  2. No way - once a method of marking your lie has been utilized, it cannot be changed.
  3. Technically you can use anything to increase your grip, as there isn't a rule that prohibits this practice.
  4. This one might surprise you, as you can hold on to something for support as long as it is in-bounds and part of the course.
  1. Great way to learn some rules :-)

    A couple of thoughts on these:
    1. -Provided you correctly mark you lie with a mini before each kick ;-)
    4. -Only if said supporting point to a tree/boulder/lamp post/whatever is no closer to the basket than your lie.
    -Peter #3765

    1. Don't think you need to mark your lie with mini.

    2. In this hypothetical assuming you're kicking the disc that is already down, yes, you would need to mark with a mini. If you wish to throw with a disc that is currently the marker disc you have to place a marker to throw it. `

      If you want to kick a different disc, nope!

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