Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dynamic Course Design Feature - The El Dorado Disc Golf Course At Legion Park in El Dorado, KS

There’s a new gem in the town of El Dorado, as Kansas city officials recently approved and installed an 18 hole course at Legion Park. Utilizing land that was formerly a ball golf course, Eric McCabe and the DD team had a blast designing a course that would be fair yet challenging.

We got a little more information from Kevin Wishart, El Dorado’s Parks and Recreation Director, to learn more about the process of installing the course and how he thinks it will affect this small town of about 13,000.

Dynamic Discs Was A Natural Fit

Given that El Dorado sits about 60 miles from Emporia, it was an obvious choice to work with DD when Wishart’s department started discussing the option of opening a course. The city formed a specific Disc Golf Committee, and after some research, they decided to schedule a meeting with Eric to find out all about Dynamic Course Design.

Kevin and his team are pretty new to the sport of disc golf, stating: “We understood that disc golf continued to grow; we had a space that needed a new use, and we had several citizens express interest in a local course.  Otherwise, our background was limited.” After a meeting between Eric, Kevin, and the town’s DG Committee, the decision was clear. “Once the committee made a recommendation, we got out of the way and let Eric do his thing,” Wishart said.

About El Dorado DGC

As with all of McCabe’s course designs, the El Dorado Disc Golf Course utilizes a great layout and allows players to complete the 18 holes in up to four different ways. Veteran baskets were installed along with dual tee pads across the course. Both beginners and more experienced players will appreciate the course’s terrain, and while it’s mostly flat, there are some lightly wooded areas that create a bit of a challenge.

El Dorado players can already feel the disc golf buzz growing quickly, as a professionally designed course brings individuals from neighboring communities to come play. Wishart notes that bringing in a Dynamic Discs affiliated course is already helping to bolster El Dorado’s economy too: “We believe that our disc golf playing population will continue to increase and that the quality of the course will bring players to town from the region.  It is our hope that they spend a few dollars locally while here.”

How Can Your Town Get A Dynamic Course Design?

Working with Eric and team to get a disc golf course installed in your neck of the woods isn’t difficult. Like the staff in El Dorado, you don’t need a ton of background knowledge about the sport - just a desire from the community and a viable piece of land. Wishart says: “Our process with DD was really very simple.”

If you’re interested in working with Dynamic Course Design, or just have questions about the process, contact us today!
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