Monday, December 23, 2019

Using The Winter Months To Dial In Your Disc Golf Diet

By and large, when we talk about getting in shape for disc golf, we often think about ways we can exercise or things we can practice on the course. Much of the preparation that players undergo during the offseason has to do with their physical bodies in terms of how fit or flexible they might be, but not as much attention seems to be given to what we’re putting into these bodies of ours.

While there’s, of course, no specific disc golf diet, it’s common knowledge that what you put into your body has a direct result in how you feel - essentially, you truly are what you eat. Rather than thinking of the word “diet” in the sense of calorie restriction, try instead framing it in the sense of your dietary habits. Having healthy snacks while on the course is one thing, but committing to a whole new way of eating can make a noticeable difference.

“Eating Clean”

Nutritionists will tell you time and time again that counting calories isn’t always the best thing for your body, and as we are all built so differently, it’s almost impossible to base one’s diet off of these numbers alone. Instead, the concept that’s rapidly growing in popularity is “eating clean.” You may have heard of it before but have you wondered what it can do for your game?

Take a quick scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll see many pro players talking about this type of eating as it offers them an immense amount of nutrients, helps them to stay energized, and aids in their focus on the course. Simply put, “eating clean” refers to incorporating as much whole food into your diet as you can. Meals should be made up of fruits and vegetables along with healthy proteins in their most natural state - meaning that snacking on an apple is likely better for you than processed dried apple chips.

Some call “eating clean” a fad as it can sometimes incorporate the elimination of some foods like grain or dairy, although each person should make their own choices regarding what foods they want to stay away from. The ultimate goal is to consume as few packaged and processed foods as you can.

A Clear Difference

If you’re already a healthy eater, making the jump to a clean diet might not be so difficult, but for others, it’s a radically new way to think about food. A multitude of studies show that clean eating can reduce brain fog (allowing you to stay focused on your shots), increase energy levels (keeping you motivated through all 18 holes), and may even help you to lose a few pounds if you so desire (imagine your stamina on the course if you felt more fit!).

Rather than trying to make this dietary change while in the middle of the disc golf season, consider taking these dark and cold winter months to ease your way into a healthier diet. We’d be shocked if you didn’t see a benefit both on and off the course. Let us know in the comments below - what kind of diet works best for you and your disc golf game?
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