Friday, August 16, 2019

Spreading The Word Locally - How To Promote Disc Golf In The Media

One of the main messages that people in the disc golf community promote regularly is trying to get more people involved in the sport. Whether it’s an effort to drum up participants for a local clinic or wanting to get spectators to come out to a large event, there’s always a push to expose as many people as possible to this wonderful game we’ve fallen in love with.

Many times these efforts are successful, as the use of social media has allowed people to spread the message much farther than ever before. Between online event posting sites, word of mouth, and even relying on using good old fashioned posters, it seems like you’d have your bases covered, right?

Additional Opportunities

We’re often so quick to turn to social media as a way to promote disc golf that we forget about the other type of media that’s out there. More “traditional” methods of communication including newspaper and radio are still alive and well, providing a great place to inform your community about the event you’re hosting.

Just recently, we had several DD team members on the local station in Emporia, KVOE, to discuss Junior Worlds and all that it entails. While a huge event like this is certainly ideal for additional media exposure, it’s not required in order for your local media outlets to give you some airtime or a spot in the paper.

Where To Begin?

The idea of having your C-tier or after school clinic featured in the media might seem like a pretty tall task, and for some, it could be pretty intimidating. First, remember that the people on the radio or the ones writing the articles are just like you - they’re dedicated to the community and want to expose residents to new and exciting activities.

It might sound too easy, but all you really have to do is reach out to the town newspaper or radio station and have a friendly conversation with them. Tell them a little bit about disc golf, the event you’re having, and how it’s great for the community. If you need to, make yourself some notes and practice your pitch a little bit first, because the goal is to get them interested enough to actually report on your event.

Prepare For The Best

How often do you scroll through social media and stop when you see someone sharing a clip about disc golf from their local news station? It doesn’t happen nearly as often as we’d all like it to, so when it does, it’s a major event. Consider just how many more people you could add to your disc golf community with the simple act of getting some coverage from local media - not only would your tournament likely see more competitors but you may even have greater success in getting businesses to donate prizes. Local government may be more keen to hear proposals for new courses if they have seen disc golf featured in a positive light and ultimately, disc golf will touch the lives of many thanks to your efforts.

Have you gotten disc golf featured in your town’s newspaper or on the radio before? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!
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