Thursday, August 29, 2019

An Example of Determination and Dedication - Let's Learn More About DD Player Robbie Olson

Most of the time when you head out to the disc golf course, you run into at least a handful of players who just recently discovered the sport. Their enthusiasm is fresh and contagious, and they’re working on developing a variety of aspects of their game. It’s rarer to find, however, the people who have stuck with disc golf through thick and thin, no matter what life brings.

One such player is Robbie Olson, a DD team member who lives in Wisconsin. He started playing disc golf at age 11 and has been a PDGA member for the last 12 years. Let’s take a look into his game and see how he balances the sport with life’s demands.

Dynamic From The Start

Robbie credits his mom and stepdad for helping to introduce disc golf into his life, and he truly loved it right away because his first few times playing weren’t even with any baskets! “We picked different trees to try and hit,” he explained. “Two months later I got to finally play a course with baskets.” During his first handful of tournaments in 2007, Olson competed in the Advanced division but he soon moved to Open and hasn’t looked back since.

The next year brought a big change for him that would shape his disc golf involvement for the next decade, and then some:

“At 2008 Pro Worlds I stayed with [Jeremy] Rusco and Greg Schwartz. We hung out all week [and] I helped vend at the fly mart. The week came to a close and Rusco shook my hand and said ‘let me know if you ever need anything’ and ever since I’ve worn DD pretty much every day.

It’s an honor to represent Dynamic Discs each year, not just because I’ve always thought the logo was cool, but because I believe in the company and Dynamic Discs’ ability to grow the sport. It means a lot to be a part of the Dynamic Discs family because everyone is so dedicated to growing the sport and helping others.”

An Established Routine

Olson has been playing long enough now that he has his routine dialed in and tends to favor wooded courses like the ones used at the Mad City Open, his most anticipated event each year. So far in 2019, he’s taken home a first-place win at the Skyline Classic and ran a clinic at a local sports show. Despite working 7-5 Monday through Friday, Robbie still finds time to play several rounds per week.

What’s he bagging these days? Here are his top three discs:

“The Lucid EMAC Truth because it is my go-to midrange and I can use this disc for many different shots. The Fuzion Raider because it is so fun to throw max distance with, and is a very versatile distance driver. I can throw any shot I need off the tee with the Raider. The Hard Mercy because it’s a great feeling putter for my spin putt and it throws well off the tee.”

When Robbie isn’t on the course he often spends time outdoors running and hiking or working on cars. Between his passion for disc golf and his ability to balance it with life’s other demands, he’s a true ambassador of DD and the sport as a whole!
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