Thursday, October 25, 2018

Disc Golf Volunteers - How Important Are They?

There are a few sayings that go around when it comes to group settings, yet with “the more the merrier” and “too many cooks in the kitchen” seeming to conflict with each other, how do you know which is the best route to take? We’re of course talking about your role within the disc golf community, and in addition to being a local tournament player or an on the road professional, the ways in which you donate your time are equally as important as how well you do on the course.

Nowadays everyone is busy and our calendars seem to be stretched to the max, but when you really think about it, spending some time to volunteer within your local disc golf community is invaluable. With the off-season nearly here, let’s examine the true impact that donating your time can have on the sport.

Going Behind The Scenes

Think back to the last tournament you attended and really analyze all of the work that went into making it a success. Managing sign-ups, organizing players packs, and making sure everyone knows where all the OB is are just a few of the things that happen when no one’s looking. Tournament directors spend hours upon hours of unpaid time making sure their event goes off without a hitch, and the more helping hands they have the better.

So how important are volunteers when it comes to local events? The answer is so monumental that it can hardly be put into words. If one person was responsible for everything under the sun when it comes to running a tournament, we’d have events that are of a lower caliber as well as some pretty stressed out TDs.

Working The Course

Although the weather is about to start getting pretty nasty, the trees keep on growing and sadly, people still keep leaving their trash at the course. Winter may not be the most ideal time to host a work party or five, but a little bit of maintenance during the off-season does help to lighten the load come springtime. We know, it’s cold, but before you know it all of the moving you do will warm you right up.

Again we ask, are volunteers really that important when it comes to course maintenance? This too gets a resounding yes! Even on some of the smallest courses you’ve ever played, the holes spread out over acres and acres of land. Mowing that alone is a tall enough task, plus when you add in the possibility of fallen trees and general cleanup, it becomes far too much for one person.

It Takes A Village

Even the busiest people alive can carve out some time in their life to volunteer with a group they care about. Most of us are completely obsessed with disc golf, so why wouldn’t that be the first thing you think of? It doesn’t take much - even one or two hours each month would go a long way to help other local players who are in charge of events and maintenance. Just think of it as your small way of giving back!

Do you volunteer with your local disc golf community? Share with us the ways in which you’ve found it to be personally fulfilling in the comments below!
  1. I agree. We need more volunteers. There are always things that need to be done. Clean a a few holes. Check people in. Enter scores into the computer. Verify who is PDGA current. Spot on a hole. Bring water to the course. Help clean up after the tournament. Check score cards. I could go on, but you get the idea. Just go help however you can.

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