Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Disc Golf Makes A Difference In This Small Maine Community

Photo Credit: Ben Jumper
One of the many messages that disc golfers love to share with others is the fact that our sport is able to knit together close communities of people who simply enjoy each other’s company or can help in a time of need. If you’re fortunate enough to be a part of a community like this, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Yet some players don’t have this personal experience and may wonder just how throwing discs can create a true community atmosphere. We recently spoke with Alan Lappin, an avid player in Lisbon Falls, Maine and learned about how the sport has done some incredible things in his state.

The Maine Scene

Alan has been playing disc golf for about five years and like many of us wishes he would’ve started sooner. After a friend invited him to play a round he was instantly hooked and dove head first into the competitive scene in Maine. While he enjoys playing to win, Lappin recently took a step back into a more casual role and spends time helping another local player to maintain a course that was installed in the area.

Within the last few years, Alan has seen something incredible take place within central and southern Maine and described just how supportive players are when another is in need:

“We do different charity events every year. The biggest one was the Children’s Miracle Network tournament where we raised $5,000 that goes to the Barbara Bush Foundation. This year there’s a fellow disc golfer who is battling cancer, and we used a tournament to raise money for his medical bills.”

Lappin shared that in years past a local broker offered to match their funds dollar for dollar and the group ended up donating over $14,000 to a single cause.

True Team Spirit

It’s not just medical concerns that top the list of Maine disc golfers, as the community often raises money for local animal shelters, food pantries, and local school sports teams. Alan said that if anyone hits an ace, nine times out of ten they donate the money straight to whatever cause they’re playing for. Open players donate their money right back too, as he explains, “It’s not like we’re competing, it’s us supporting each other.”

In total, the various disc golf clubs in Maine raise between $20,000 and $30,000 each year for various charities and are always looking for ways they can help others in need. Lappin told us of a local player who lost his wife in a car accident and described how 136 people came out to play a tournament in her honor, raising over $5,000 for the family.

Maine’s disc golf scene has many strong and compassionate leaders who step forward and organize these events, and it’s people like Alan who help to make them such a success. If you’re ever in Maine, reach out to some of the local players and see how you may be able to get involved, even if it’s only during a short trip. The disc golf community is simply incredible there and encourages all of us to use the sport as a way to positively impact the lives of others. Thank you for sharing with us Alan!

Head on over to GrowDiscGolf.com to let us know how you and your local club help grow the sport of disc golf.
  1. Sounds like they have a great thing going in Maine. Thanks to them for using the sport not only for fun but for good as well . I live near Sterling Colorado. My Name is Brian .I am in the Hellfire Disc Golf League from Sterling. We play at Pioneer Park Disc Golf Coure. The league is ran Gary Mustard the 2nd . On New Year's Eve each Year the league and whoever else wants to join raises food and money for the local food bank. We throw one last round for the year.

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