Thursday, July 5, 2018

Learning From The Pros - Field Work With Eric Oakley

Field work can be an indispensable part of your disc golf game, allowing you to throw shots over and over again until you figure out what feels just right. It’s a great way to learn new discs as well and is generally recommended by most of the top pros out there.

But what exactly does field work look like for a professional disc golfer? We got a sneak peek at some of the things Eric Oakley works on when he has field time available during his busy schedule. Let’s take a look at three specific types of shots:


Most importantly, Eric notes that we have to trust that we’ve chosen the right kind of disc for this shot. By allowing our disc to be released on a true hyzer line, it gives our disc the chance to pop up and flip, therefore doing what it’s designed to do.

Check out the discs that he recommends for a hyzer-flip!

Skip Shots

An important tool in your game, a skip shot can help you to navigate a tricky situation. A key element in executing a great skip shot is ensuring you put enough spin on your disc, allowing the motion of your disc to work against the ground and create that skip you’re looking for.

Here’s what Eric focuses on when throwing a skip shot!


Great for shaping shots and using the fairway to your advantage, an anhyzer can be tricky to master at first. Beginners will get more distance when throwing an anhyzer, and experienced players will rely on this type of shot for a variety of situations.

Get the lowdown on how you can best throw an anhyzer!
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