Tuesday, July 3, 2018

In The Bag With Chris Clemons

As the highest rated lefty disc golfer in the world, Chris Clemons must be doing something right. New to the DD team in 2018, Chris has naturally gravitated to our lineup of plastic and wanted to share with us what’s in his bag for this season. Let’s take a peek!

Putters And Mids

  • Chris’ very first putter order from Dynamic Discs way back when included a Judge, and it’s still the mold he prefers today. He loves how great they feel in his hand and he wouldn’t throw anything else.
  • The BT Medium Harp is his go-to midrange disc, offering him a point and shoot option for forehand and backhand shots.


  • Called his “staple” disc, the Lucid Felon gives Chris the confidence to execute a variety of shots. 
  • Clemons’ forehand game is strong with his Latitude 64 Gold Stiletto, holding up in the wind with no problem whatsoever. Looking for huge skips? This disc will be your new favorite.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Along with food and his girlfriend’s lip gloss, Chris keeps a DD wristband attached to his bag.

Want to know more about what Chris keeps in his bag? Watch his full video here. If you’re a big fan of his game, you can purchase one of Chris’ tour fundraiser discs here.
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