Monday, June 25, 2018

Disc Series: Midrange Discs For Newer Players

If you’re just joining us on this blog series, we’ve been reviewing the best discs for newer players. Our last post focused on the fairway drivers that will give you speed and consistency when you have slower arm speed or not a ton of power. Now we’re focusing on the midrange options available to players who need a disc they can rely on for upshots and shorter holes.

Honing in your midrange game is essential to shaving strokes off your score - even if you throw an errant tee shot and aren’t great at putting, a developed upshot can help correct your mistake and put you right under the basket for a drop-in. Here’s a look at some of the best discs for your bag.

Westside Harp

If this disc ever went out of production there would be rioting in the streets, it’s just that popular! Crafted to be a very reliable midrange, it stands up to wind with ease and will make you look like a pro no matter what your skill level.

As if you needed more convincing, the Westside Harp is a favorite of 2x World Champion Ricky Wysocki. We’ve even created a special edition Burst version that allows you to use the same tools that the pros use for success.

Latitude 64 Compass

Are you looking for a super straight midrange that you can depend on time and time again? The Compass by Latitude 64 will quickly become your go-to approach disc based on the way it flies and how it feels. Designed to comfortably fit in nearly anyone’s hand, it allows you to grip it in a natural way.

Whether you’re looking to throw a hyzer, anhyzer, or a straight line directly at the basket, the Compass will fly exactly how you want. Shorter holes may even inspire you to throw this disc off the tee box for increased accuracy.

Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth

A favorite of both professional and casual players alike, the EMAC Truth by DD has a depth unlike any other midrange out there. We like to think that this piece of plastic reminds you of what disc golf is all about - watching your disc soar through the air in perfect flight. Ask any pro out there what midrange they’d count on when the stakes are high, and they’ll tell you the Truth.

Not a pro player? That’s ok, as the Truth is easy to throw no matter your skill level. Add it to your bag and get to know this EMAC version as your scores drop lower than ever. Used by Paige Pierce, you can throw your own version commemorating her 100th PDGA win.

Midrange discs are essential for anyone’s disc golf game, whether you’ve just started playing or are a seasoned professional. Which discs do you rely on when you need to throw a shot that requires an immense amount of accuracy? Let us know what your favorite midrange is in the comments below!
  1. Ive been playing for almost 6 months and don't have the greatest arm speed yet I've found some discs that do very well for me. I use the Westside Tursas for straight shots, Westside Bard for shots with a strong fade and Dynamic Disc Fugitive for a subtle fade. The compass, for some reason, doesn't give me the same distance as these others, but I do use if when it's just a bit too far for throwing a putter for an up shot.

  2. Agree with Kenn that younger (or in my case older) players can benefit from throwing discs that are less stable than what the Pros throw. Fugitive and Tursus are important in my bag. Verdict when overstable is needed.