Thursday, June 21, 2018

Disc Overload - What Do You Do With Too Much Plastic?

Some might argue that there’s no such thing as too much plastic, but there does get to be a point in every disc golfer’s lifetime where you just have more discs than you know what to do with. Whether it’s an issue of storage space or your significant other telling you that you’ve become a hoarder, you might find that you need a solution for all of your stuff.

What options do you have? According to a recent poll we conducted in the Disc Golf Answer Man Facebook page, there are a number of ways to handle disc overload. Let’s explore some of the more popular solutions:

  • Keep them: If you just can’t part with any of your plastic, keeping them is a logical conclusion. But where? Those who are limited on space or just have too many discs to manage can take advantage of our plastic storage bins that hold up to 40 discs depending on the type. They stack easily and are great for traveling too, so you’ll always have your beloved plastic within arm's reach.
  • Give them away: Players who have more backups than one individual will ever need may consider simply giving away some of their discs. Newer players really appreciate when a friend or even a total stranger wants to give them a few discs as it spreads the love of the sport to others. What a great way to show how awesome and supportive the disc golf community really is!
  • Trade them in: Whether you visit a store that sells discs or you simply meet up with your friends for a round, why not trade your surplus plastic for something you’ll actually throw? There’s a good chance that over the years you’ve collected discs from players packs that you’ll just never use, so perhaps someone else will and you can get your hands on a mold you really like.
  • Sell them: If your significant other doesn’t understand your obsession with disc golf, this might be their number one choice. In all honesty, if you just have so many discs that you don’t know what to do with them, selling some might be a good option. Try visiting a local sports store to see if they have a buying program or post your discs online for a wider reach.
  • Hang them: Many players we know have a sort of disc golf shrine, where their ace discs, as well as special stamps, end up on the wall instead of in their bag. This option might be nice if you have a lot of discs that really mean something to you on a personal level, and of course, if you have enough wall space.

What do you do when you have a disc overload situation? Are one of the five above options your default, or do you have another creative idea? Share with us in the comments below how you handle having too much plastic - that is if you think there’s ever such a thing.
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