Monday, April 2, 2018

Tell Us Your Fun Disc Golf Stories

Disc golf is more than just throwing some plastic into a basket. It involves making new friends and enjoying an activity with the people we’ve known for years. Disc golf allows us to express ourselves in ways that we may not otherwise choose to do out in the world. While there are a certainly a few stand-out personalities in the sport, we think some of our DD team members are pretty darn funny too.

From time to time we like to video our players during practice rounds or for short storytelling sessions, as this brings a fun and real side to the sport. We’ve only captured just a fraction of the good times we see on the course with some of AJ Risley’s singing or Eric Oakley and Chris Tellesbo sharing about Gumby and their friendship.

How do you and your friends connect while on the course? We want to hear your silliest stories, the craziest anecdotes, and the funny quirks that only show themselves during a round of golf. Don’t be afraid - share your experiences with us in the comments below!
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