Friday, March 30, 2018

DD Team Member Peter McBride Talks Food, Friends, And Fun

Although he’s a new addition to the Dynamic Discs team in 2018, Peter McBride is no stranger to the sport of disc golf. His interest in the game started in 5th grade when his PE class threw lids at a set of cones, and from there he’s blossomed into a competitive player with more than a dozen career wins under his belt.

We wanted to learn a bit more about Peter and find out what touring looks like for him. It turns out, he takes a really organic approach to the sport in more ways than one, as we’re about to find out!

The Road Less Traveled

Going on tour can often include a scramble to find decent lodging and adequate food to hold you over until the next stop on the road. However, taking a page from his outdoorsy nature, McBride has found solutions for both that offer up real enjoyment. When the weather is right, he prefers to stay at campsites that are close to the events he’s playing in. Not only does he connect with nature, but it gives him another great option:

“I struggle with finding good food. Some places don’t have much in the way of ‘health food’ so I usually end up cooking on my camp stove. That keeps me nice and busy when I’m not disc golfing.”

Not only does Peter spend time appreciating nature during his downtime, as he loves to bike, hike, and rock climb, but he even looks for beauty on the course while playing. Noting that good friend Nate Perkins is one of his favorite people to play with, he said the two often point out cool looking trees during rounds.

Success On The Horizon

Being a part of the DD team has given McBride an infusion of energy this year, and while he notes that he did have some nice finishes in 2017 at Ledgestone and the Pro Tour Finale, he’s excited about what this season has in store.

For Peter, the people he surrounds himself with bring just as much happiness as the game of disc golf itself, and his switch to DD has helped him to keep that momentum going: “[Being a part of DD] means joining a company I have a lot of respect for and being on a team with some good friends.”

This element of friendship can certainly come in handy during the copious amounts of time he’s spending at the practice basket this year, as putting with friends is always more fun. Peter notes that he’s looking to improve both his putting and overall finesse this year. “If you’re not tired after playing golf in the sun all day you can have a huge leg up on the competition. It is much harder to focus on throwing a shot when you’re fatigued,” he said.

With an impressive finish at The Memorial this year and a slew of events coming up, we’d say Peter is in prime position to have some fun, build upon his skills, and continue to grow the friendships he values both on and off the course.
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