Thursday, August 10, 2017

When Disc Golf Is Life...

We're all pretty obsessed with disc golf around here, and if you've ever seen one of our Disc Golf Is Life videos you know that we take the sport very seriously. When it comes to parking, dating, or even visiting the restroom, the terminology we use on the course can often easily translate into our daily lives.

But in all seriousness, disc golf is life for many people out there, and we're curious how that relates to those of you who don't work in the industry. Do you find that your co-workers think you're nuts when you sneak out of work half an hour early so you can make it to a weekly doubles event?

Or how about the fact that your vehicle is decked out in stickers declaring your love of the sport? Does your spouse give you a look when you try to hyzer your dirty laundry into the washing machine or are you a disc golf family that celebrates these attempts?

If you're not sure if disc golf is life for you, then check out our list of quick Disc Golf Is Life videos and see for yourself. You just might find yourself using terms like par, out of bounds, and foot fault in a business meeting if you aren't careful!

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