Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What's In Your Bag? A Look At How Some Of Our Pro Players Approach This Important Question

It can be daunting for any new player to figure out what discs work for them, and seeing others with a selection of multiple molds can make you question if you're stocking your bag "correctly." The truth is that every disc golfer from the casual aficionado to the touring pro takes a different approach when it comes to what's in their bag.

Some like to carry a full arsenal of discs, with various types of putters, a wide selection of midranges, and drivers that number into over a dozen. In his recent In The Bag video, Zach Melton explains why he uses certain discs and gives us pretty convincing reasons to have a lot of different types of molds in one bag.

Others like Eric McCabe find a mold they love and stock up in various types of plastic and wear to give them enough variety for the shots they need on the course. One of his favorite midrange discs is the EMAC Truth (what a coincidence!) and he carries 5 of them in his DD Zuca cart. He takes the same stance with his fairway drivers as well, keeping 5 Defenders on hand as each one flies a bit differently.

Taking another approach to stocking one's bag, Paige Pierce employs a unique plan for creating variety by sticking to her favorite plastic in many molds. As a huge fan of the BioFuzion and Lucid plastic, you'll see a wide variety of discs in her bag that offer a well-rounded assortment of shots in a material that she loves to throw.

How do you like to stock your bag? Do you take the approach of having a ton of molds for each shot you need, or does it feel more comfortable to dial in just a few types and rotate various levels of wear and tear? How does your favorite plastic factor into things?

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